9 Dec. 2017, from 3 pm to 6 pm - Please join us for a 'Silent Human Chain' outside CP's Central Park with One Clear and Loud Message that #MuslimLivesMatter! No more Lynching and Killing of Muslims in India. Note: Meet at Gate number 5 of Rajiv Chowk Metro


Saheb Bibi
19 Jan 2018
"Calling for a boycott of Shalom Bollywood is not a political reaction to an innocuous cultural event. The fact is that the Shalom Bollywood event is also a political event. Calling for its boycott is a political reaction to a political event...
19 Jan 2018
Two years ago, on January 17, Dalit Research Scholar Rohith Vemula was institutionally murdered by the casteist administrative forces of Hyderabad Central University. This day was celebrated as “Rohith Shahadat Din” across Central and State...
Aadhaar Card
19 Jan 2018
Most people assume that critics of Aadhaar are concerned about citizens’ fundamental right to privacy, or the loss of statutory benefits such as rations due to a faulty Aadhaar system.   Image Courtesy: The Financial Express...
Bajrang Dal
18 Jan 2018
Pamphets that are incendiary are paying havoc in this communally sensitive area Image Courtesy: Arijit Sen/Hindustan Times The Hindustan Times reports that the Bajrang Dal’s campaign follows a month’s unease in Karnataka over a spate of...
18 Jan 2018
In the aftermath of the protests that erupted after Dalits were attacked in BhimaKoregaon, instead of arresting the accused and provocateurs of the violence namely Milind Ekbote and Manohar (Shambhaji) Bhide, the Maharshtra police is allegedly...