As part of HLRN's campaign against forced evictions and for the realization of the human right to adequate housing for all, we are pleased to invite you to a screening of an inspiring film on the struggle for housing rights in South Africa. Titled 'Dear Mandela' this film documents the struggle of three young friends to save their homes.


26 May 2018
Exposé reveals some of the biggest names in the Indian media agreeing to business proposal by undercover reporter seeking promotion of Hindutva agenda and influencing of electoral outcome for a price. This Article was first published on The Wire...
Aurangabad riots
26 May 2018
About a week after the riots in Aurangabad district, a fact-finding team comprised of Rameshbhai Khandagale, Vira Sathidar, Ravi Gaikwad, Gautam Kamble, Pramod Mandade, Sudhir Dhavle, Sadiq Qureshi, Rashtrapal Gavai, Yusuf Khan, Pratik Nandgaonkar,...
26 May 2018
A letter by PMO to UPSC talks about allotting of carder and services to new UPSC recruits on basis of marks obtained in the foundation course. Interview with Urmilesh Interviewed by Pranjal Produced by Newsclick Team,   Courtesy:...
Bank Accounts
26 May 2018
India may have sharply increased the number of bank accounts following Prime Minister Narendra Modi coming to power. However, regrettably, India has the largest share of inactive accounts, too. A just-released World Bank survey, which provides this...
Saudi prince
25 May 2018
News from Saudi Arabia about the arrests of ten or more rights activists has been viewed with a mixture of shock and surprise in western media. Just a few years ago, though, no one would have been surprised: it was simply the way the Saudi regime...