Repeated attempts by the RSS-driven Sangh Parivar to appropriate Dr BR Ambedkar throw up contradictions and evasions
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Communalism Combat 9th Anniversary Special

Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust and Westland Publications invite you to the release of MEMORY IN THE AGE OF amnesia by Saeed Akhtar Mirza The author will be in conversation with Siddharth Varadarajan, Founding Editor, The Wire Seema Mustafa, Editor-in-Chief, The Citizen


Palestinians and Jews in solidarity
14 Aug 2018
Tens of thousands of protesters, both Israeli Jews and Palestinian citizens of Israel, took to the streets of Tel Aviv on Saturday night to protest the country’s widely condemned “Nation State Law.” A Palestinian holds a poster saying “the...
Umar Khalid
14 Aug 2018
“There is no evidence, only lies. There has been no charge-sheet, only media-trial. There are no arguments, only trolling. There has been no debate, only death threats,” says Umar Khalid.   Image Courtey: PTI   New Delhi: Umar...
14 Aug 2018
Does multicultural nationalism represent the political idea and tendency most likely to offer a feasible alternative rallying point to monocultural nationalism? Bristol, 2014. Flickr/ Evgeni. Some rights reserved. Tariq Modood, Bhikhu...
14 Aug 2018
Campaign by CJP and AIUFWP for Adivasis of Sonebhadra draws attention of political parties A campaign by CJP and All India Union of Forest Working People (AIUFWP) for the release of dynamic forest rights movement leaders Sukalo...
India Pakistan
14 Aug 2018
For Independence day, the video brings together national anthems not only as a tribute to the cause of freedom and liberation from colonial rule but also for the cause of peace in the sub-continent.   On the occasion of 72nd Independence...