Long march
15 July to 12 August 2017 Save India Change India.. Welcome when it reaches your village,town,city... Entering Mumbai on 7 August 2017..


Justice PB Sawant
27 Jul 2017
The Concerned Citizens Tribunal (CCT) headed by the late Justice VR Krishna Iyer, Justice PB Sawant and Justice Hosbet Suresh carried out a detailed investigation into the Gujarat genocidal carnage (in May 2002) and released a three volume report on...
cartoon Nitish
27 Jul 2017
Nitish who repelled Hitler and Communal Forces in 2013, Looked the Other Way, or Almost, when the Godhra Mass Arson Took Place in 2002 Cartoon: India Today   Nitish Kumar was union rail minister in AtalBehari Vajpayee’s cabinet on...
Poland Women
27 Jul 2017
Women are playing a key role in the ongoing Polish protests - and this time they won't be silenced.   Members of Polish Women Strike lie down on the road outside Parliament in silent protest at the moment “democracy died”, while fellow...
27 Jul 2017
While courts tend not to punish politicians accused of communal crimes, voters reward them for it. Image: Courtesy Hindustan Times Electoral candidates who have been accused of communal offences win more often than candidates free of such...
Maulana Wahiduddin Khan
27 Jul 2017
This article focuses on what is called Shatm-e-Rasul or Ahanat-e-Rasul, that is, what is considered as blasphemy against the Prophet of Islam. In recent years, there has been much controversy and a lot of violence in different parts of the world...