10 clicks that showcase a peaceful chakka jam!

SabrangIndia sifted through hundreds of photos to bring you top 10 images that captured the essence of the protest

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Before the February 6, 2021 chakka jam, farmer leaders had insisted upon a peaceful protest to maintain the glory of the farmers’ movement.

By the end of the day, social media was buzzing with not only peaceful, but also enthusiastic visuals of farmers and supporters blocking roads to protest the government repression on farmers living on Delhi’s borders.

Basking in a clear weather, here are the top 10 photos of Saturday’s chakka jam:

As always, women farmers led the road blockades in many states, decrying the government for their anti-farmer laws.

True to their word, farmers maintained peaceful protests, ensuring that only essential services such as ambulances remained unaffected by the demonstrations.

Even when told to vacate the area by local police farmers stood their ground and refused to leave the area until their grievances were heard.

Regardless of the police interruption, the effect of the chakka jam was felt across the country.

Even when farmer leaders were detained hours before and during the protests, farmers continued to demand the basic rights of India’s annadaatas.

Such was the response that in certain states like Punjab and Haryana, highways were completely shut down.

Entire highways in Odisha, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu were shut as well.

Image : Twitter

Image: Twitter

Most detainees were released an hour after the protest. However, leaders detained in Delhi and similar areas remain under preventive arrest.


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