12 Families from the Minority Seek Shelter in Kapali outside Jamshedpur after Mob Attack

The largest circulating Hindi daily, Prabhat Khabar, has reported on April 15, 2017 from Bodam Village, outside Jamshedpur :

Bodam: following an incident of alleged eve teasing on April 11, 12 Muslim families have fled the Bodam village which is 15 kilometres out of Jamshedput city in Jharkand. The fleeing of these families followed the burning down of four homes and a mosque by a mob. All those who have fled have sought shelter in Hasim mosque in nearby Kapali. These 12 families consist of 130 persons who have locked their homes and fled. Only one person Shareef Ansari has been left behind in the village who is reportedly, mentally challenged.
Minorities from Pokhariya who fled have told the paper (Prabhat Khabar)  that they fear for their lives and the administration is not responding to their pleas for help. They have further alleged that no complaint or FIRs have been lodged against those accused who burned down homes nor has any compensation amount been announced. The food and stay arrangements of all 130 persons is being managed by the community.
Among the families who have fled the village there are many aged persons and also young children who are now sleeping under an open sky. All the affected families have met the district police under the leadership of All India Minorities Welfare Organisation secretary Babar Khan.
Justification for the attack: Allegations of eve teasing in Pokahriya, on April 11, by a middle aged person, of a woman belonging to another community, led to the assault, it is reported. The person alleged to have been responsible for the eve teasing, Asghar Ansari has been arrested by the police and sent to jail. When the police tried to arrest those responsible for the arson, an entire mob, reportedly attacked the police.
The names of the affected families are Mohammad Naushad Ansari, Qutubuddin Ansari, Mukhtar Ansari, Gaffar Ansari, Azad Ansari, Arjan Bibi, Akhidan Bibi, Nasiruddin Ansari, Khatuna Bibi, Zakat Ansari, Nizamuddin Ansari, Saiful Bibi, Taimus Ansari, Yunus Ansari, Rukhsana bibi, Norresha Khatun, Auesha Khatun, Muslim Ansari, Nasiruddin Ansari, Jainul Abedin, Shamsher Ali, Nizamuddin Ansari, Jabran Bibi, Ateema Khatun, Sarbari Bibi, Mahrun Bibi, Mohammad Hanif Ansari, Jennifer Bibi, Mohammad Ilisuddin, Mohammad Rustom Ansari, Sabeena Khatun, Mohammad Shareef, Shamsul Ansari, Mumtaz Bibi, Shafi Ansari, Jainula Bibi, Khalil Ansari, Rabban Ansari, Shubhani Ansari, Kulsum Bibi, Adam Ansari, Jaiban Bibi, Allahuddin Ansari, Gafooran Bibi, Majnu Ansari, Anwar Ansari, Abdul Hamid Ansari, Guljan Bibi, Kader Ansari, Mariam Bibi, Ajeez Ansari, Kalaam Ansari, Mahjeez Ansari, Samad Ansari, Haneef Ansari, Shahid Ansari, Ali Mohammad, Sahidan Bibi, Asiq Ansari, Kumaruddin Ansari, Jamaruddin Ansari, Ramzan Ansari, Nasiruddin Ansari, Shahabuddin Ansari, Abul Ansari, Yunus Ansari, Bablu Ansari, Kabul Ansari, Mojidul Bibi, Taibarun Bibi, Abbas Ansari, Saqib Ansari and many others.



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