15-year-old Muslim boy reportedly driven to suicide after he was humiliated and beaten by teachers

Hate crimes against minorities continue to abound as religious minorities, including Muslims, face violence across the country. From vigilante groups to school teachers and principals harassing and perpetuating anti-Muslim hate, Muslims continue to live a dangerous life.

Akola, Maharashtra

In Maharashtra’s Akola a young 15-year-old Muslim child named Altamash has committed suicide after he was reportedly beaten, humiliated and abused by his school principal and teachers on account of his being a Muslim. As per a report, the family of Altamash has claimed that there were two teachers who would regularly and consistently beat him and psychologically abuse him.

The distraught father of the child, who studied at Guru Nanak Vidhyalaya, spoke to the media stating that his child had been fine. “It was only after he was humiliated in school by his teachers and principal that he was extremely disturbed and took the step to kill himself. Yesterday, the principal and teacher beat him and humiliated a lot that made him depressed. He returned home from school, went to tuition, and did his homework, after which he killed himself.”

The father says the child told them of the humiliating words his teachers told him and how deeply they impacted the young child, “The teachers words have been stuck in his head. The teachers have said, ‘I will kick you out of school, give you TC (transfer certificate). You Muslims students are harmful. Muslim’s children are not worthy of studying.” The parent has asked the authorities to ensure that the culprits are strictly punished after strict enquiry. According to Navbharat News, the Khadaan police have filed a case of suicide and that they will examine the CCTV footage from the school.


In Jharkhand’s Giridih, a young Muslim boy was seen being humiliated and harassed by a group of cow vigilantes. The incident was caught on camera of the incident. There was even a woman on the scene, whom the cow vigilantes can be seen asking questions and also they can be heard accusing her of lying, as per the video posted by Hate Detectors, a social media account on X that documents hate crimes.

Amethi, Uttar Pradesh

In Amethi, Uttar Pradesh,  a young man named Anas from Unchgaon was reportedly busted and assaulted severely with sticks in the Shukul Bazar area. Approximately two months ago, Anas had been taking his mother, Parveen Bano, to a local medical store to buy medicines and he was just leaving the medical store and heading to an ATM to withdraw money when he was forcibly taken away by a group of unidentified men and taken to a secluded location, where he was subjected to severe beating. The  video recently went viral on social media platforms and was posted on Hate Detectors’ X account. Anas’ mother has reportedly lodged a complaint with the police.

Solapur, Maharashtra

Hate Detectors on X reported that on March 6th in Solapur, Maharashtra, a 19-year-old Muslim boy named Ayan Murtuza Bagwan severely beaten by a group of 12 to15 men. A report by The Quint reveals that Bagwan was not only beaten and humiliated but he was also stripped naked and  urinated upon.

According to the police, Bagwan, who earns his living as a vegetable vendor had several complaints of eve-teasing and towards women, including a minor, against him after which he was reportedly beaten. The authorities also confirmed that he was forcibly taken to a secluded area and beaten by people. The police have reportedly arrested six of the accused involved in the alleged abduction and assault of Bagwan.



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