15,000 farmers and counting gather for Maha Mahapadav!

A mammoth wall of farmers and peasants head towards Maharashtra’s capital city in solidarity with farmers protesting at Delhi borders during a two-day march from Nashik to Mumbai.

farmersAfter amassing nearly 15,000 marchers, Maharashtra’s Vehicle Jatha started the downhill climb of Kasara ghat to resume their path towards Mumbai.


farmersBeating the drum of revolution, farmers marched from Ghatandevi mandir in Igatpuri demanding the repeal of the three farm laws and four labour codes, legalisation of MSP and loan waivers among other agendas.


farmersNever again will mahila kisan allow anybody to question whether women farmers “have to kept” at a farmers’ protest.


farmersMaharashtra police led the Jatha safely from Golf Club Maidan in Nashik to Azad Maidan in Mumbai. When asked for a photo, the police said, “First let’s reach the people to the foothill.”


Farmers protestDid you know women farmers make up more than half of the agri-labour? Women marchers’ confident smiles compel us to revise our textbook image of a ‘kisan.’


Speaking of reminding things. Here’s a message from farmers that they reiterate to the government even at the dead of night.


farmersA 7 km walk from 9 AM deserves a pit stop. Farmers catch their breath halfway along the Kasara ghat.


farmersFarmers posing for the camera as they reach the foothills. Incidentally, did you know that drought is a major problem for Maharashtra farmers?


Farmers protestRegardless, farmers continue their struggle. Last night at Igatpuri, men farmers prepared dinner for the tired troupe of revolutionaries.


farmersMeanwhile, women farmers took a well-deserved rest and spoke to reporters about the farmers’ struggle’s progress.



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