70-years-old Dalit woman beaten up, threatened with murder by dominant caste men

Name of the Victims: Maggidi Buchhamma, 70 years and her daughter Maggidi Manga


Dominant Caste Culprits: Balta Rjamouli his Son and Allam Ravi

When: 23rd July 2017, Sunday, morning Where: Rendlaguda (Mandapally), Jannaram Mandal, Mancherial District, Telangana

Why: Maggidi Buchamma and her daughter Maggidi Manga went to the house of Balta Rajamouli on 23rd July 2017 morning to ask their land documents back which they are duped and cheated.

Background: Maggidi Buchamma was gifted 3 Guntas of land by her son in law Late Bade Lingaiah in early 2006, who owns 50 Guntas of land in Sy no 29 of Vempally , Kothapally Shivar near Mancherial Town. In october 2006, elder daughter of Buchamma committed suicide. After 3 days of her daugher suicide, Being same villager, Baltha Rajamouli a dominantcaste man approached Buchamma and told her that she will get money as compensation for the death of her daughter and took her in his car to Mancherial town. In Mancherial town, Rajamouli asked Buchamma to sign on some papers. That time Buchamma was not aware that she was signing sale deeds of the land extend 50 Guntas belongs to his son in law in Sy.No 29 Vempally, Kothapally shivar. After some days, Rajamouli asked Buchamma that she need to submit her land papers to release of the compensation cheque that awarded for the death of her daughter. Buchamma gave documents of her land. But there was no compensation or he gave back her land documents. Rajamouli, Kasam Sathaiah and other land mafia managed the local administration and registered entire land on the name of Thota Rajaiah first and then sold it to others. When the land owner Bade Lingaiah came to know about this, he challanged this forgery and cheating of land mafia. According to Buchamma, Bade Lingaiah was unable to bare this cheating and loss of land he died of heart attack in 2010. Then onwards Bade Lingaiah wife Bade Raju pursuing the case and going around the official praying for getting her land back. Bade Raju approached police officials as there was no response from revenue officials. Mancherial DSP asked Naspur police to look into the matter. On 10th July 2017, Naspur police called Buchamma and asked her that she has signed on the documents of sale of entire land belongs to Bade Lingaiah though she was only gited 3 Guntas of land. Shocked knowing this, Buchamma went to Balthe Rajamouli house on 23rd July 2017 along with her daughter and asked what he did with her land documents.

Immidiately, Balthe Rajamouli, his son and Allam Ravi started beating both of them and abused on the name of their caste also threatened to kill if they pursue the case further.

In another case, Balthe Rajamouli enchroahced assigned land of husband of Buchamma, Late Maggidi Lingaiah and sold it to Allam Ravi. When Buchamma filed case with District collector, he ordered land to be restored to Buchamma. A surveyor from District collector office came to the land site and measured the land also asked Buchamma to arrange the identification poles around the land, and Buchamma did the same. On very next day night all boundary polls from the land was removed by Allam Ravi and Balthe Rajamouli.

Buchamma approached Sub Inspector of Police and Assistant Commissioner of police but police not registerd case against the culprits. However, the culprits threated to kill Buchamma and Maggidi Manga in the Jannaram police station in the presence of Police officials, but police did nothing about it. The victims Maggidi Buchamma and Maggidi Manga came to Hyderabad on 25th July 2017 and met with Home Minister of Telangana Naini Narshimha Reddy and submitted a petition for his intervention

Deepak Kumar, National President of Malamahanadu and Rajeshwar, President of Ambedkar Youth Association, Jannaram Mandal in Mancherial District. The home miniter called the police officials and asked to do the needful. But the culprits are politically and economically influential and earlier threatened to kill Maggidi Manga in the presence of police in Jannaram Police station.

What you can do: Call officials, sms or write email to SP and Collector of Mancherial District with Below message, change it according to the facts of the case if needed.

The Collector and Superintendent of Police Mancherial District, Telangana State, India

I came to know that two Dalit women were beaten up and threatened to kill by the dominant caste men when they asked for their land documents back for which they were cheated of their land. Local police joined the accused and threatened the victims to book a counter case on them. We urge you to provide security to both Dalit women and initiate legal action against the culprits. Also take necessary steps to get back the land to the victims.

Regards, XXXXX

Sri RV Karnan,District Collector, Phone Number – 09492120800 Email -collector.mancherial@gmail.com, collector-mncl@telangana.gov.in
Sri Jhon Wesley Deputy Commissioner of Police Phone Number – 09440795021 Email dcpmncl@gmail.com
Assistant Commissioner of Police – Mancherial – 09959337999
Circle Inspector of Police: 09440795047
Sub inspector of Police Jannaram – 09440795050
For more details please speak in Telugu with: Maggidi Manga, Daughter of Maggidi Buchamma – 07997563108
Rajeshwar, Ambedkar Youth Association, Jannaram – 09494455933

Deepak Kumar, National President, Mala Mahanadu, Hyderbad – 09291263009

Courtesy: karthiknavayan.wordpress.com



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