As part of HLRN's campaign against forced evictions and for the realization of the human right to adequate housing for all, we are pleased to invite you to a screening of an inspiring film on the struggle for housing rights in South Africa. Titled 'Dear Mandela' this film documents the struggle of three young friends to save their homes.


23 Apr 2018
The fight against the Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) Narendra Modi-led government and the larger struggle against the communal and fascistic forces of Hindutva was one of the key issues in the resolution.   In an exemplary display of...
Rohingya Muslims
23 Apr 2018
By advocating for relocation over repatriation, the world risks letting Myanmar get away with murder Relocation is not the answer Photo: SYED ZAKIR HOSSAIN   The humanity which the government of Bangladesh has shown in dealing...
23 Apr 2018
The Texts Lived by Basava and Kalburgi   Basava, Kalburgi. Neither was an atheist; but both believed in, and practised, a radical form of religion. Their words—indeed, their lives—were texts that challenged the powerful status quo. If...
21 Apr 2018
In a damning indictment of the BJP’s commitment to women’s safety, the party with the mantra “Beti Bachao”, has now emerged as one with the highest number of 12 lawmakers at the central and state levels who have declared cases of crime against women...
nuclear weapons
21 Apr 2018
“Wait, these nuclear weapons…They are war things?” Seamus asked. “Yep, they are war things bud.” “Good for grandma.”   This article was first published in Waging Nonviolence. The seven members of the Kings Bay Plowshares, who...