Adityanath spews sexist venom, declares “azaadi” slogan as treason in UP

UP CM says it was shameful of opposition parties to put women at the forefront of protests when they don’t even understand anything about CAA


Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Adityanath has sunk to a new low in his criticism of people protesting the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in his state. Using extremely derogatory language unbecoming of someone who holds an office such as his, Adityanath has questioned the masculinity of men who are sitting at home “while women and children are going out to protest.” He further said that if anybody in his state raises slogans of “Azaadi” it will be considered as treason and will be booked accordingly.

Adityanath, on the last occasion had said that the anti-CAA protests were being sponsored by the Congress and Samajwadi party. Lucknow is currently witnessing a Shaheen Bagh inspired sit-in protest by about 5,000 women at Ghanta Ghar who had invited Union Home Minster, Amit Shah to come and clarify their ‘misconceptions’ about CAA. Shah did not pay heed to the request and instead deflected by inviting Rahul Gandhi, Mamata Banerjee and the likes to come and debate with him on CAA.

Adityanath once again hit out at Congress and SP assuming women protesters know nothing CAA, making a shockingly sexist remark. “How shameful is this for the Congress, SP and Left to do politics putting the country at stake and adopting such methods of protest where women are put in the front, who do not even know about CAA,” he said. He further said that the opposition does not care about Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians, Jains and Parsis. He also insinuated and alleged that the opposition has said that “the protests will continue against the CAA until the ISI agents are given entry into India.”

He made these statement while addressing a BJP rally in support of CAA in Kanpur. He questioned the men assuming that women know nothing about CAA and are just out on the streets because the men have asked them to. He said, “These people do not have the courage to participate in the protests on their own. They know if they indulge in vandalism, their properties will be attached. Now, they have started making women and children of their house sit on roads. Itna bada apradh ki purush ghar mein so raha hai rajai odh ke, aur mahilaon ko aage karke chaurahe-chaurahe baithaya ja raha hai (It’s such a crime that the men are sleeping under quilts and women are made to sit on street corners.)

He also claimed that if you asked the women who are protesting the reason for their protest, they would say that the men of their homes told them to as they failed to do anything and asked the women to sit on the roads instead.


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