In this Age of Nationalism, It’s Not Just Citizens but Industry that Should be Nationalist

I am being attacked like a criminal by the Arya-Vysya Organizations on the streets of two Telugu States for characterising their historical business lives as ‘Social Smuggling’.  

Noted writer Kancha Ilaiah’s car being mobbed during the attack at Parakal town on Saturday.

This was done in my book entitled  ‘Post-Hindu India’ published by Sage in 2009 after the lower castes and Adivasis failed to get any reservation agreement within the private sector.  The Telugu translation was published in 2011.  The booklet that has been made controversial with a title Samajika Smagglerlu is only the Teluguised version.  The central theme of the whole book is whose merit is merit and on what is merit quantified? And how every sort and kind of work has its own merit? Therefore, the private sector has to open up for the entry of the lower castes and Adivasis, as they too are meritorious.    

The UPA-I government had conceived of  such a proposal that created a mechanism but top scions of industry rejected it on the ground that lower castes and Adivasis have no MERIT to handle the jobs in the private sector.

I wrote this book to show that the real producers of the wealth of the nation are castes that range from Adivasis to all Shudras (including kapus, Kammas, Reddys, Jats, Patels, Gujjars and so on).

The two dwija castes—Banias and Brahmins— by my generation (with a personal experience all around) are outside the basic production controlling the business from rural grain markets to Ambani, Adani, Vedanta kind of monopoly capital. The richest among them come from the Vysya community. Caste, thus, is  a reality.  The Brahmins have a control over the Hindu spiritual system and also educational institutions and the bureaucracy.   
The Brahmins are there in all Government jobs, the software industry and higher education. They are also there in all kinds of private sector jobs. The ratio of Directors of the Companies as per a study by Prof. D. Ajith, Han Doker and Ravi Saxena ((EPW-2012), Corporate Boards in India -Blocked by Caste? August 11, 2012, Vol. XLVII, No. 31, p.41)) shows this representation, caste-wise in the industrial and financial sector: Banias 46%, Brahmins 44.6%, Kshatriyas 0.5%, OBCs (that includes all Shudra castes) 3.8%, SC/ST 3.5% and others 1.5%.  This shows an absolute control of these two castes on the industrial and financial power.  

Everything is being linked to nationalism these days. That is, in a way, good.  When foot soldiers are fighting on the Himalayan borders facing cold and bitter winds, in overall difficult situations on the Pakistan border, why should not Indian Industry give one job to a person from one soldier’s family member within industry based on qualifications?  Why does Indian industry not create a Farmer Protection Fund from its annual profit at least to the tune of 1 percentage?  In a caste based system, they too should have a Social Responsibility towards then lower castes and Adivasi masses. This system can run through the economic system: from top industry to the grain market Shahukars in the rural sector.  Why do not the Shahukars establish humanitarian relations with farmers, at least by helping them at the time of suicide deaths by going and helping them? Today the social relations between the Bania Shahukars and the farmers are very negative.  This has to change at all levels.

The private sector can provide one job for those constables died in bouts of internal conflict.  Anybody can see their family conditions being pathetic after such sudden deaths.  Year after year, the state’s public resources are being shifted into the private sector, by rendering that sector JOBLESS.  In the last three and half years of this ultra-nationalist regime,  so-called development has become JOBLESS.  Therefore, everybody should have a share in the private sector jobs.  

Why is the Modi regime silent on this fundamental issue?  Our demand is at least start an opening with 5 per cent reservation for the above mentioned nation defending forces and the lowest caste categories like Adivasis, Dalits, Dhobis and Barbers depending on their qualifications. In a country like this industry must also show its nationalist commitment combined with positive moral sentiment as Adam Smith theorised, several centuries ago.

It is a researcher’s duty to do research on all communities. If the richest community does not have any positive moral sentiment towards the poorest and weakest people, hurting that sentiment in the process of writing is unavoidable. When Dr.B.R.Ambedkar wrote the Annihilation of Caste Mahatma Gandhi in his dissent letter said that you have used less harsh words for the hardships that the untouchables suffered for centuries. Why is that spirit missing today?

If the Vysyas that include many top industrialists like Ambanis and Adanis take the initiative to give some token preferential treatment for the people I mentioned above the health of the national economy will  certainly improve. In our view that is their nationalist responsibility. 

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