AISA member attacked in hostel by a mob of 14-16 people

The MA student claims a group of drunken students came to his room and physically and verbally assaulted him around midnight

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A post graduate student from the All India Students Union (AISA) was physically assaulted in the dead of night inside his hostel at the Jawaharlal Nehru University much to the ire of students and teachers alike.

According to the Indian Express, student Vivek Kumar said that the assault took place in his room at the Mahi Mandavi hostel at 1:30 AM on September 3 wherein 16 people attacked him in an inebriated state.

Soon after the incident, AISA President N. Sai Balaji posted a video of Vivek in which the MA student talks about how a group of people called out for him outside his room just as he was about to go to sleep.


Vivek narrates a barely coherent conversation between him and the assaulter wherein the drunk abuser repeatedly accuses Vivek of lodging a false complaint. He goes on to describe how a crowd of nearly 14-16 people verbally and physically assaulted him. One of the abusers punched him with a kada (iron bangle). Vivek currently has a six-stitch wound under his eye.

Vivek identified two of these people as JNU students one of whom, he alleged, is an ABVP member. He goes on to say that his friend was also attacked while trying to defuse the situation.


Similarly, the official Twitter account of the JUN Student Union (JNUSU) also said that the JNUSU women councillor was injured while trying to help Kumar.


In the first video, the AISA president criticised the hostel security and the JNU administration for their lack of supporting stating that “these people don’t just have a mask, but also a veil on their eyes.” Later he started a Twitter thread where he demanded that the Delhi police file an FIR on the “ABVP goons” who attacked Vivek.


Vivek lodged an FIR against the 14-16 individuals for voluntary hurt and wrongful restraint at Vasant Kunj police station. He identified four of the assaulters as ABVP associates but the right-wing student organisation has denied any relation to the incident.

“If something really happened, the university administration must conduct a fair inquiry. Any further allegations with an intention to defame ABVP will lead to legal course of action,” the ABVP told the New Indian Express.

However, Kumar insists that one of the assaulters received a message from an ABVP leader that detailed his hostel name and room number. As per the Indian Express report, the senior warden of the hostel failed to confirm this. The AISA said that they had submitted a complaint to the JNU security department on the same night. Even that is yet to be confirmed by the administration.

Other students and teachers have also expressed anger towards the incident. Following the incident, JNU professor and former member of AISA Sucheta De tweeted an angry message demanding justice for the victim.



Even the JNUSU General Secretary Satish Chandra Yadav condemned the incident and asked the JNU Vice-Chancellor to look into the event.


The Vice-Chancellor has not responded to his tweet or commented about the incident.


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