All religions gather for peace march in Malad-Malwani in Mumbai

During a Ram Navami procession, some stone pelting was reported from this area in Mumbai and to counter that, people from all religious communities gathered

Malwani morcha
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A local news channel reported on how people from all religions who have been living peacefully in Mumbai’s Malad-Malwani area gathered to spread the message of peace and religious harmony. In the aftermath of the violence during Ram Navami processions. The locals allege that those who indulged in stone pelting and violence, were not local residents but some outsiders who wanted to create a law and order situation and disturb peace in the area.

Reporting from the peace march, GalliNews spoke to some persons representing each religion. “Malwani is a silent zone. All communities live here together. These were not people from Malwani. These were outsiders who pelted stones etc. They should look at the CCTV footage and find out,” said the religious leader.

Another person from the Jain community said that all businesses run by people belonging to different communities could be affected by such violence and it was a conspiracy to adversely affect these businesses. He said that many people wanted to join the peace march but the police requested them to have a limited number of people in the peace march. “We do not want any such violence here… We love peace and we just wish that no violence takes place” he said.

A person from the Sikh community, one of the oldest residents of Malad-Malwani said, “This is a peace march. In Mumbai we want peace to prevail. If any anti-social element, whether belonging to any party or any religion, the police should take action against them. The residents have always wanted to live in peace and in future as well wish the same. People want to throw stones in the water and disturb it but water is calm. Until people stop holding fire under it, water cannot stop boiling. I plead to those setting fire in the country to not do such things and maintain peace throughout the country.

A Maulana present there, said, “As you you can see, people from religions are present here and Malwani is mini-India and we all live here in unity. These outsider miscreants should be arrested.”

The general demand was that the miscreants who were outsiders should be caught by looking at  the CCTV footage, irrespective of which religion they belong to.


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