Amit Shah lost his cool when told by colleagues that demonetisation had backfired

BJP chief, Amit Shah, was an angry man on Thursday, when he reportedly lost his temper to his party office-bearers after they told him that the demonetisation move had backfired.

Shah was so angry on the negative feedback that he reportedly shouted at his party colleagues.

Amit Shah lost cool

“He shouted at us and directed us to make Modiji’s historic decision a success,” said one BJP general secretary.

A report by Scroll said, “Amit Shah lost his cool as the majority of national office-bearers of the party reported that the demonetisation had backfired,” said a BJP general secretary who was present in the meeting. “What in particular made him [Shah] very upset was the view of some of the participants that party might not have faced such a serious crisis had Modiji gone for wider consultations before taking the decision.”


This came even as the saffron party leaders continued to make desperate attempts to convince general public about the positive impact of note ban.

One BJP vice president, present in the meeting, said, “One of the participants went to the extent of saying that the party’s image has started getting tarnished along with the image of Modiji because of the government’s demonetisation decision and that the government would have to do rapid course correction in order to win back the confidence of the people.”

When some office-bearers said that the note ban could make a significant dent in the goodwill that the party enjoyed, angry Shah shot back, “This is not the government of Manmohan Singh or Narasimha Rao that people sit from 7 am morning till 7 pm in the evening to make small changes or bring in minor reforms. This government is about making fundamental changes.”

According to NDTV, Shah said, “To change the country, sometimes tough decisions are taken. There are senior people in the government who have taken the decision after careful consideration. Now, it is the job of every person sitting here to convey the benefits of this decision to the people.”

The development took place on a day, veteran party leader, LK Advani, expressed his anguish over the continuous disruptions in parliamentary proceedings.

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