AMU Alumni associations request the President of India to ‘protect AMU from being maligned’

AMU Alumni associations in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in the United Arab Emirates have written to the President of India Shri Ramnath Kovind regarding the incident that occurred on February 12 at the University campus wherein the crew of Republic Bharat news channel labeled the prestigious Aligarh Muslim University as the ‘University of Terrorists’. The Alumi associations requested the President to intervene and conduct a fair enquiry in to the matter and take action against those maligning the honour of the University and causing communal disharmony.

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When the news of the incident and the subsequent firing by a relative of the BJP MLA and charging 14 students of the AMU under sedition reached the alumni of the University in different parts of the world, the Alumni associations were quick to conduct emergency meetings to decide on the plan of action to protect their alma-mater.

The Alumni of AMU have their associations in various parts of the world such as Malaysia, Australia, England, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Canada and the United States of America.

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The Alumni associations in Saudi Arabia and UAE have both penned petition to the President of India drawing his attention to the unfortunate incident and the malicious intention of the Republic TV that is known for being biased and pro- Hindutva groups and always seeking to criticise the minorities and defame them by resorting to slander.

This incident has hurt the sentiments of the old students and they have decided to start an international campaign against the atrocious attempt to malign the university by the right winged groups.

They are also concerned about the false charges of sedition leveled at the students whereas no action has been taken against the perpetrators who opened fire and called the University as University of terrorists and dubbed the students as terrorists.

AMU Alumni, Saudi Arabia

The Aligarh Muslim University, says the alumni has been a revered seat of learning and knowledge dissemination for students from all religion, caste and creed.

The letter addressed to the President has been also marked to the Prime Minister, Chief Justice, HRD Minister of India, the Vice Chancellor, District Magistrate  and PRO chancellor of AMU.

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