Be Visible, Be Non-Violent : message to Kashmiris

Anand Patwardhan's message to all Kashmiri Brothers and Sisters...

"We do not know what is happening in Kashmir and can only guess. To all those living there irrespective of identity and to all their loved ones elsewhere in the world, i apologize on behalf of the better half of India (the one that has no presence in mainstream media and is overwhelmingly outnumbered on the corporate run social media) for the mad euphoria on display in some parts of India and on TV channels and mainstream news.

When fascism is in the air most succumb. We saw this in Nazi Germany. It took a world war to overthrow Hitler. After that the Germans pretended they did not know anything about the concentration camps. I just hope people in Kashmir realize that this is a temporary phase and must be borne without self-defeating violence. The fascists wait for this violence, even provoke it. When it comes, they hit hard triumphantly. Non-violence is the answer. But when you are invisible even non-violence cannot work. So be visible. Be non-violent.

The economy under the present regime is crashing. The fascists will crash with it. This may not happen overnight, as stupid fake nationalism and fake religion can make people "feel good" even as they starve. For some time. Not forever.