The 'Fake' Mullah & Commercial Indian TV Channels

Election time becomes also time for widespread propaganda. And the idiot box is a clever means to a message. During a regime that seems forever in election mode, allies are found in commercial television channels with often close ideological or corporate connections with the establishment. This time it is through the 'Fake Mulla' and his ever ready presence!

Here is a pictoral account of how one such, 'Fake' Mulla is regularly invited to commercial channels to speak on behalf of not Muslims or a section of the Muslims but to defend questionable (origin) fatwas against Yoga (that were possibly never really made but still captured the headlines) and of course, 'Instant Triple Talaq'.

There is one who travels widely, calls himself a Moulana, defends a Fatwa against Yoga which was never given by anyone(!!!) and is reportedly very close to Baba Ramdev and other BJP members. A close scrutiny of his FB page shows how he went to the extent of even posting his own yoga pictures first on Facebook. He is now ' opposing yoga for propaganda and inciting gullible Muslims to attack the Muslim yoga teacher'. Clever agents of Islamophobia? 

There is another such character who claims to be the descendant of Mughals showing a set of fake documents (remember the false affidavits on BA and MA Degrees of our Ministers and even prime minister??)) and is now allegedly said to be acting at the behest of Shri Shri Ravishankar and Subramanian Swami.


Media reporting and analysis is or should be about genuinely analysing any issue, social, economic or political especially one that affects large sections of people, Hindus, Muslims, men and women. But when the newshour becomes a space for generating a kangaroo court (khap panchayat) and also serves the convenient tool of the ruling establishment --keep a low (or high temperature Muslim baiting/hating temperature simmering--it is dangerous and needs to be called up.

Who will bell this cat?