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Mumbai, December 21, 2017

Condemn the ‘Trump Declaration on Jerusalem’, a betrayal of the Palestinian cause and a violation of UN Resolutions & International Laws.

India Palestine Solidarity

Condemn Trump for threatening the nations who vote against the resolution at the UNGA!

Commend the UNSC Vote where the US was defeated 14-1, thus rejecting the unilateral US recognition of Jerusalem as Capital of Israel.

The ‘Trump Declaration on Jerusalem’ announced ominously on the 6th of December 2017, whereby the US unilaterally granted Jerusalem to the Israeli colonial power that illegally occupies Palestine, is just another glaring instance of US arrogance. This decision is a ‘gift’ by Imperial America to the Israeli apartheid colonial regime & goes against an International consensus & framework of UN Resolutions & International Laws.

This vile act is similar to the ‘Balfour Declaration’ a century ago, where on the 2nd of November 1917, another Empire, namely the British, ‘gifted’ Palestine to the Jewish people. Since then they have been subjected to a holocaust, a genocidal tragedy for the Palestinian nation.

The ‘Trump Declaration’ has been categorically rejected by the Palestinians & the overwhelming majority of the nations of the world. Massive protests have broken out in Palestine, across the Middle-East & the world at large. The US & Israel stand isolated yet again. The US lost the vote in the UNSC by 14-1 & will lose overwhelmingly in the UNGA vote scheduled as well.

We are also concerned by the utter silence of the Modi Govt, whilst all the nations of the world have taken clear positions. PM Modi’s affinity to Israel may see a further diminishing global role for our country, as India moves deeper into the US-Israeli camp. This will be a betrayal of all that India stands for, a betrayal of the legacy of our anti-colonial freedom struggle & the moral values on which modern India was built.

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Whilst the US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley has threatened to ‘take down names’, Trump has ‘threatened to cut aid’ to all those countries who vote against his declaration, which is another bizarre episode of Trump’s diplomacy. Far from being an effort towards peace, Trump has opened the path for further destruction& wars, with devastating consequences for the region & the world. 

Clearly the US stands isolated as never before. The Palestinians have stated that they no longer consider the US as an honest broker & reject any further US role in peace negotiations with Israel. Both Russia & China are like to enter the void, as both the superpowers have stated that East Jerusalem will be the capital of Palestine. The OIC too called for an emergency meeting convened by Erdogan, where Iran too attended & reiterated their support for Palestine as per UN resolutions. The European Union led by Germany & France too rejected the US diktat.

Trump has clearly enraged the Palestinian people; in fact the THIRD INTIFADA has begun. The Palestinians are convinced and rightly so, that the Israelis are not even willing to accept the historic compromise of the Palestinian people, whereby they have given up their claims to 78% of their historic land, whilst willing for a sovereign Palestinian state on only 22% of the land, namely on the West bank & Gaza, with East Jerusalem as the capital. The Palestinians are also aware of the Judeo-Christian Zionist plans to destroy the al-Aqsa Masjid & the Dome of the Rock as well as the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. This has united Palestinian Muslims & Christians who are taking to the streets to oppose the betrayal.

In an attempt to calm down the situation VP Pence was to travel to Palestine, Jordan & Egypt, but finally had to cancel his trip. The Pence visit found angry opposition from the Egyptian Coptic Christians, to the Priest of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, the Christians communities of the Middle-East, all of whom refused to meet the US Vice President, in another major blow to US prestige & its declining power.

Clearly both the US & Israel stand far more isolated than ever before. The only US-Israeli allies in the region are now the Saudis & UAE. In fact there is an unholy alliance between radical extremists, namely the Jewish & Christian Zionists & Wahhabi Islamists.

In the US, the Israelis draw their main support base from the extreme Judeo-Christian Zionist lobby that has convinced Trump to take this decision, as that is part of his core political base. Yet successive US Presidents from Bill Clinton to Bush Jr. to Obama stated that - ‘Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel’, but it is only Trump who has gone all the way, much to the detriment for peace in the region & the world.

Saudi Prince Muhammad bin Salman is also facing popular rage & opposition across Palestine & the Arab and Muslim nations, has he is now seen as an Israeli collaborator & a betrayer of the cause of Palestine. During the recent Saudi purge, the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas too was summoned to Riyadh and offered a so-called ‘peace plan’ as a final settlement with the Israelis. On offer was Abu Dis a village as the capital of Palestine, which essentially meant that –‘forget Jerusalem’, a non-contiguous West Bank where Israeli Settlements would continue to exist & no Right of Return! President Mahmoud Abbas refused to sign on the agreement, despite the pressure & the bribes.

The ‘Trump Declaration’ on its part is leading to tectonic shifts across the region & the world, the impacts of which are the following:
  1. The US stands isolated & the move has clearly backfired, thus weakening the US role in the Middle-East Region & across the world.
  2. The major setback for the US will harm Israel as well, further isolate Israel internationally, even as mainstream Jewry & the youth in the USA & Europe grow disenchanted with Netanyahu’s extremism. They have rejected the ‘Trump Declaration’ as detrimental to peace.
  3. The Palestinian leadership & masses are far more united & determined than ever before & it has galvanized the freedom struggle, the THIRD INTIFADA has been set into motion.
  4. The Intifada is now a Global Movement and far more widespread & popular than ever before. The movement to boycott, divest & sanction Israel is also growing rapidly, causing great harm to Israel, both economically & politically.
  5. The Resistance forces in the region, namely Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran & Yemen are far stronger& united, with a contiguous land bridge.
  6. The Resistance forces represent the anti-colonial national uprising & include a vast religious, secular, ethnic & political diversity.
  7. The unity of the Palestinian Muslim & Christian masses, the social movements &political parties also augurs well for the future course of the freedom struggle.

Despite the worst, the international consensus for a TWO-STATE SOLUTION based on key UN resolutions 242, 338, 478, 194& international laws holds strong, where both Palestine & Israel share Jerusalem as their respective capitals. Today Palestine stands recognised by more than 138 nations who voted at the UNGA on 29th November 2012 & is also part of the UNESCO & the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Yet due to Israeli belligerence & dishonesty, the Settlements carry on to be built in the West Bank & East Jerusalem, the gargantuan Apartheid Wall continues to destroy all hopes of a just solution. Thus there are many Palestinians & Israelis who then state that the only way ahead is for a ONE STATE SOLUTION, where the historic land of Palestine is shared in a democratic state, where all citizens are equal.

Till then the Intifada will carry on . . . . .

Teesta Setalvad, Com. Prakash Reddy, Javed Anand, Jatin Desai, Dolphy D’Souza,Anand Patwardhan, Hasan Kamaal, Jyoti Badekar, Varsha Vidya Vilas.

This was released at a press conference yesterday, December 21 at the Mumbai Marathi Patrakar Sangh, Mumbai. (Vice-President, Kishor Jagpap (+91 9222207055), National Gen. Secretary, Feroze Mithiborwala (+91 902927751)