Your Aadhaar number can be de-linked from any account

By Harshit

Information that has now come to light indicates that there is an option available to those who have linked their Aadhaar with any service provider, institution, or departments and now wish to de-link their Aadhaar number from their accounts. The rule can be found in the Compendium of Regulations, Circulars & Guidelines for Authentication User Agency (AUA), e-KYC User Agency (KUA), Authentication Service Agency (ASA), and Biometric Device Provider. The compendium was drafted by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). On page 11 of the compendium, point 5 notes, "The Aadhaar number holder may, at any time, revoke consent given to a KUA for storing his e-KYC data or for sharing it with third parties, and upon such revocation, the KUA shall delete the e-KYC data and cease any further sharing." The complete compendium may be read here.