Mahua Based Industries Need of the Hour: Jharkand


The Mahua Adhikar Morcha has, in a memorandum submitted to the Governor of Jharkand, Draupadi Murmu demanded that Mahua based industries are set up in the state. This memorandum was submitted two days ago. Before that a dharna was staged on the issue

The text of the Memorandum may be read here:

Lali Jaratoli, Namkum (Ranchi)
Madam Draupadi Murmu,
Honourable Governor
Ranchi, Jharkhand.
Sub: Request to take initiatve for setting up of Mahua-based industries and doing away with restrictions placed on Mahua
Respected Madam Governor,
We are making this earnest request to you with lots of hope.  Madam, Jharkhand is a state of trees and forests, and a lot of mahua trees are found all over the state. The total production of mahua, according to Jharkhand State Minor Forest Produce federation Ltd, is to the tune of Two lakh Metric Tonnes, which is huge.

But, unfortnately, the state does not have any formulated policy for its pro-people business. On Februay 16-17 Global investors Meet was organised in the state capital and no new idea was placed about people-cetrict industrialisation of this forest product, though mahua is linked with the people’s livelihood very intimately.  Women collect it, store it and sale it in the open maket.

In recent days, many police cases have been filed against women who deal with mahua. The state government seems to be bent on promoting English liquor by putting a restriction on mahua. Researches have shown that mahua contains high nutrition and adivasis in the region have been using it as food item since long. Herbal practitioners even use this forst produce as medicine for cetain diseases. 

In this situation, it would be a harm to place any restriction on mahua. Further, a restriction on this forest produce will through rural and tribal economy into chaos rather than solving a problem in sight. We therefore make the following demands of your government  —

  1. Set up Mahua-based industries which will be people-centrict

  2. Make provision for grants in aid for Mahua business

  3. Set up Mahua-based liquor poduction units for poduction of export quality

  4. Closure of English wine outelts across state

  5. Mahua ladoo, Mahua jam, Mahua jelly be prepared by setting up Mahua-based food processing industries

Thanking you in anticipation,
Sajit Tirkey (President)
Lali Jaratoli, Namkum (Ranchi)