My mentor from haryana asked me- Please share your experiences of Ayodhya visit

Me:My opinion is confined to my experience based on the city of my In-laws. I have been coming here for last 7 years and met all kind of people. Ayodhya is a surrealistic city with ancient temple and tombs.Once it was a true example of co-existence. It has the tombs of Noah (as they challenge) the islamic prophet Sheesh AS and Ayub AS in the mid of Ayodhya city. The local people are good but they present biased history to the outsiders who visit controversial Babri masjid cum ram mandir. The market are present good books on hinduism. My father in law always send a upper caste pandit to accompany me during my street wondering in Ayodhya due to its senstivity. I met hashim ansari the oldest litigant of babri masjid twice at his home..he told me how azam khan and zafaryab jilani has sold themselves to Mulayam singh on this issue...he was so much frustrated that once he said Give the land to Ram Lalla. He and pandit Gyandas are close friend. Pandita Gyandas is the opposition ligitant to Hashmi Ansari. When they have hearing in court, Pandit gyandas first came to hashim ansari home for tea and from their the both party go together on same vehicle to court.

This is the best example i can present for ayodhya that both are opposition in religion and yet so close in their real life as a friend. Ayodhya has one of biggest graveyard after jannat ul baki(mecca) makli hill (pakistan) and Nizamuddin (delhi) in world and has the oldest of grave, the one i know is the grave of Badi Bua, the elder sister of Khawaja naseeruddin Charag dilli, the disciple of Nizamuddin who came to delhi as a disciple and later next sheikh to Nizamuddinauliya...The Charag Dilli is named after him, he lived in ayodhya till 40 of his age. People come from differnt places to bury in this land. Nawab shuja ud daula has shared good relation with the Hindus of Ayodhya.

His donated land and donation documents are well preserved by Mahants of various temples here. In and around Ayodhya there are 7 mosques which is as same as babri masjid but a little smaller in proximity of Faizabad. Old kothis in the faizabad market is aesthetic beautiful with medieval architectures and on the top of most of these has Fish Emblem of Nawab of awadh or Lion emblem. The bottom-line of all ayodhya conflict in my opinion is that the muslim community can give the land basis the punishment on perpetrators. if there is no justice on the demolition then there is no right to build the temple.The people of Ayodhya dont want conflict and riots on this issue anymore. Faizabad is full of medieval monuments from Nawabs of Awadh whaich are grand and grandeur like Gulab badi, Bahum begum ka mawbara are prominent. If you ever come to ayodhya the doors of my in laws home is always open for your hospitality.