In the Name of the Holy Cow, Modi Sarkar is Handing Over Agri & Meat Trade to Foreign Corporates: Ambedkar-Periyar Circle

On May 28, Sunday evening, around 60-70 students have come together for a discussion on beef ban issue where cooked beef was also distributed at Himalaya lawns in IIT Madras. The same night one of the students who had attended the event  was threatened by right-wing students. The next day (Monday, May 29) at about lunch time, another student who came to the event was threatened by Manish Kumar, a student of IIT and strong Hindutva supporter: he said, in his verbal threats, that all those students who attended will be chopped into pieces and killed.

Both the students immediately complained to the Dean. Yesterday (Tuesday) during lunch, two other students who attended the discussion were heavily attacked in front of the mess by Manish. One of the two students, Sooraj,  also sustained a severe eye injury and had to be admitted to an eye hospital.

The statement of the Ambedkar Periyar Study Circle may be read here.

The threats by Hindutva-supporting students are not new. They have many times earlier threatened progressive students inside the campus.  Some months ago, several right-wing students have created a mob-like situation in a Student Legislative Council (SLC) meeting and the same student Manish has physicaly manhandled a SLC member. Manish had to thereafter appear before a disciplinary committee meeting and as punishment, was severely reprimanded.  Despite this, the violent threats have not stopped coming. Now this has led to a much more severe attack on the progressive students on the campus.

The restrictions by the central government on the cattle sale for slaughter are in effect a ban on the easy availability of beef. This is a serious attack on farmers who own cattle as this will make it hard for selling the cattle when it becomes uneconomical for the farmer to maintain them. The RSS-BJP has woven a web of lies and is trying to package this move as a move to save cows, actually their intention is to take the cattle away from the farmer’s hands and hand them to foreign corporates.

The Indian government has allowed 100% FDI through an automated route on E-commerce of food production and food-processing this March (2017) thus facilitating foreign corporates to take over the milk, leather, meat, agriculture and horticultural production, manufacturing and distribution in India.

As a follow up to this sinister plan, a team of higher officials headed by special secretary of Ministry of Food Processing Industries have visited the USA and given red carpet to Chicago-based Agri and food corporates and invited them to participate in ‘World Food Forum in India 2017’ scheduled to be held in November this year.

Modi’s ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’ is going to take away the employment of crores of farmers, cattle breeders, producers and retailers of milk, meat and tannery. Modi’s three year regime is throwing larger sections of masses into joblessness and an uncertain future.

Politically, this is an explicitly fascist action of the RSS-BJP government towards their agenda of Hindu Rashtra, while selling our motherland to US imperialists. This is outright an attack on the individual and cultural rights of the people to eat the food of their choice, an attack on secularism and federalism in India.

At the end of three years in office, when the job growth numbers at its lowest levels and traders from different sectors are raising issues over GST, this has come in handy for them to divert the discussion and polarize the people for their political gains.