Protest against the inhuman and barbaric decision of NCA on the closure of Sardar Sarovar dam gates without complete rehabilitation

PRESS INVITE: 12:30 PM, Monday, June 19th, 2017, (Today)
Ministry of Water Resources,
Shram Shakti Bhawan, Rafi Marg, Sansad Marg Area, New Delhi
The Editor/Bureau Chief/ Principal Correspondents
Print/Web/Television Media Houses

Dear Friends,

The level of falsehood involved in the decision taken by Narmada Control Authority on the closure of Sardar Sarovar gates is unprecedented. It is as per news, the decision taken by all the states concerned that since the Resettlement and Rehabilitation of the Project Affected Families is over, especially in Madhya Pradesh, which is the state having completed R&R task at the earliest, the gates can be closed and water can be filled up to 138.68 meters. All the documents including the official reports and affidavits before the Supreme Court, the thousands of orders by the Grievance Redressal Authorities in MP and Maharashtra as well as Gujarat which are not complied with, the violations of the legal regimes with NWDTA, state level R&R policies and the SC judgements are the clear indication of the fact that thousands in MP and hundreds in Maharashtra and Gujarat are far from resettled, why talk of rehabilitation.
A delegation lead by Annie Raja, General Secretary, NFIW, Vimal Bhai, National Alliance of Peoples’ Movements, Bilal Khan, Ghar Banao Ghar Bachao Andolan submitted a memorandum at the Ministry of Water Resource, Narmada Control Authority meeting on 17th May 2017 and a protest at NCA, Indore was organized by Narmada Bachao Andolan on 15th May 2017. Afroz Ahmed, Member of NCA assured that without complete Rehabilitation, they will not take the decision of the closure of Sardar Sarovar dam gates and all the suggestions will be considered. Still, NCA took the unprecedented decision of the closure of dam gates with the false announcements claiming complete rehabilitation.
A protest to raise the question on the highhandedness of the State and the inhuman and barbaric decision of NCA has been organized at The Ministry of Water Resources @12:30 pm on 19th June 2017.
Please do send your reporters, photographer to cover the event.
With Regards,
Sanjeev Kumar, Uma Kapari
Contact: 9971058735, 9958797409