Another call for Hindu Rashtra, this time from Karnataka

Guruprasad Gowda said that Hindu Rashtra should be established with full might


Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’s Karnataka State Co-Ordinator is the latest to join the bandwagon of those demanding a “Hindu Rashtra”. A video has been posted on Twitter, where Guruprasad Gowda can be heard speaking in Kannada. He is known to have said, “Let us not be satisfied with token presence, but be ready to put our full might for the establishment of #HinduRashtra”.



“We need an ideal #RamaRajya where the ruler & the society undertake Spiritual Practice,” he added. Gowda landed in controversy when in 2022, during Diwali, he said that a separate ‘halal economy’ was being established by Muslim organisations across the globe and it had already been well established that the funds were being used for funding terror activities, which was a matter of concern, reported The Hindu. He was speaking along with Sri Rama Sene chief Pramod Mutalik during a press conference. Mutalik had said that purchase of ‘pooja articles’ from Muslim traders and vendors would be against ‘shastras’.

The calls for Hindu Rashtra has become a hot topic that is being raised by hate mongers including leaders of fringe groups. Although the concept of Hindu Rashtra goes back to pre-Independence times, the call for the same has been revived ever since the right fringe groups have gained momentum since BJP has come to power. Even so, the calls for a Hindu Rashtra have now once agains gained some traction as more and more groups are calling for it on major platforms.

Last week, a video of Pravin Togadia, president of the far-right extremist Hindutva group, Antarashtriya Hindu Parishad (AHP) was circulated on social media whereby he was seen administering an oath to  a large audience in Palwal district of Haryana. While addressing the audience, he said, “Har Parivar, Humara Gaon, Humara Hindu Samaaj, Humara Hindu Dharma, Humara Hindu Rashtra (Every family, our village, our Hindu society, our Hindu religion, our Hindu country) Isliye hum jansankhya niyam ka kanoon banwaenge (That is why we will make a law of population rules).

In another instance, a very well known hate monger Suresh Chavhanke of Sudarshan News, instigated people to go against the Supreme Court by administering the oath to establish a Hindu nation with him. Chavhanke even said that it is because of the pressure put by the Supreme Court on the Delhi Police that action is being taken against him, which he deemed to be an act of injustice. This incident took place in Nagar, Maharashtra.

The video starts with Suresh Chavhanke shouting “Kon chale re kon chale? Hindu Rashtra ke liye Chale (What should we go for? Let’s go for a Hindu Rashtra).” “Arre lana hoga lana hoga, Hindu Rashtra lana hoga (We have to bring in, we have to bring in a Hindu rashtra.)” Attacking the Apex Court of India itself, Chavhanke says that “Kon keh raha hai? Desh ke Supreme Court mei kaha jaa raha hai. Kya Hindu Rashtra ki Shappath lena apraadh hai? (Who is saying this? This is being said in the Supreme Court of the country. Is it a crime to take the oath of establishing a Hindu state?)”


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