Another man attacked by a mob in Alwar on suspicion of cow smuggling

Sagir Khan, 23 years old, was attacked by a mob when he was taking 6 cattle in a van through Alwar village to Haryana on December 30 2018. The villagers suspected cow smuggling and beat up Sagir Khan before the police intervened and took his to Kishangarhbaas hospital for treatment.


And Khan did not have papers on him to prove that he had purchased the cattle and was legally taking them across to Haryana and therefore was arrested. The other two persons accompanying Sagir managed to escape.

The Police have sent the cows to a cow shelter and took his pick-up van in their custody. They have registered a case against the 5 villagers who had attacked Sagir Khan. Investigation is said to be under way.

Alwar is the same place where 5 months ago Abkar Khan was lynched on the suspicion of cow smuggling.

Courtesy: Two Circles



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