Anti – Muslim Hate Speech at Delhi’s Famous Stadium

Hate Speech against Muslims echoes at Delhi's Talkatora Stadium as Hindu hardliners, including VHP's Praveen Togadia, raise calls for violence against Hindus.

Delhi’s Talkatora Stadium witnessed hard-line Hindu nationalists indulge in virulent displays of hate speech at the Anarashriya Hindu Parishad on 9th July 2023 . Hindu far-right leader Samiksha Singh delivered an anti-Muslim hate speech giving explicit calls for violence against India’s Muslims at the Virat Hindu Sammelan organised by Antarashtriya Hindu Parishad (AHP) in Delhi.

The crowd roared as she spouted hate against Muslims, calling Muslims ‘jihadi’ in a derogatory manner. ‘Every Jihadi will lose when a Kattar (hardline) Hindi will kill. The biggest problem of Hindus is their humanity, and compassion and mercy.’

‘Should someone hit us on one cheek, then both his arms will be broken.’ This barely veiled call for violence against Muslims seems to be a deliberate attempt to incite people. She also further on went to allege that ‘they’, generally understood from her speech as meaning Muslims, have sinister goals to reconfigure India’s secular democracy -‘”They” just have one goal which is ghazwa e Hind. We should also have one goal which is to establish akhand Hindu bharat’.

A staunch Hindu nationalist and former international president of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Praveen Togadia also spoke at the same venue. ‘We will not run nor will we die we will keep our foot on your chest and remind you of your grandmother (teach you a lesson)’.

A jubilant crowd roared in return to Togadia’s ”We Hindus must not let the population of Muslims ever increase.’

Togadia also expressed confidence in the current government and stated ‘Ram Mandir is being made, so is the bill for the Uniform Civil Code in formation. And soon, prior to the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the Population Control Bill wil be ready too.’



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