Arhtiyas call I-T raids an ‘act of revenge’ by central government

Karnal commission agents continue to keep grain markets shut to condemn multiple I-T raids conducted on arhtiya leaders on December 18 and December 19.

Arhtiyas (commission agents) in Karnal district of Punjab continued to keep mandis closed on December 25, 2020 to assert their protest against the I-T raids on local leaders in the state, said The Tribune.

Agents declared a shutdown of all state grain markets from December 22 to December 26 earlier in the week to denounce the raids and notices to multiple top agents on late December 18 and December 19 that served as alleged pressure tactics by the central government to discourage support for the farmers’ struggle.

Karnal Arhtiyas Association President Rajnish Chaudhary that arhtiyas will continue to support farmers while also condemning the raids that served as “an act of revenge.” He told the government to accept farmers’ demands instead of harassing arhtiyas.

Mandis across Punjab stayed shut on December 22 with some areas even burning effigies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at some places. Most places observed a silent protest with posters that demanded the repeal of the Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement on Price Assurance & Farm Services Act, the Farmer’s Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Act, the Essential Commodities (Amendment) Act and the Electricity Bill 2020.

Earlier, the executive body of the Federation of Arhtiyas Association (FAA) said that it would visit the Singhu border on December 23 to talk to farmer union leaders. Farmer leaders in Delhi had already promised their support and gratitude to the arhtiya community.


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