In a Heartwarming Gesture, Hindu Family Donates Land for Muslim Burial Ground in Assam

Written by SabrangIndia | Published on: May 13, 2019
North Lakhimpur: Amidst the election battle afflicted with communal undertones, the reports of a Hindu family donating their land for a Muslim burial ground brings a sense of relief that our foundational basis of harmony and fraternity yet exists.

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Breaking all religious barriers and communal animosity, a Hindu family have donated 0.84 acres of land to the Nahar Pukhuri Kabrastan (graveyard), which is located near the North Lakhimpur railway station in Assam. The donor family has been recognized as that of late Karunakanta Bhuyan which stays at Gorehaga village.

The governing body of the graveyard felicitated the donor family on May 4, with the chairman, Dr. Hamidur Rahman, expressing his gratitude to all the people involved in this noble cause.

It is significant to note that the burial ground shares its border with a Hindu crematorium.

Earlier in 2017, there were reports of a Muslim family donating 1,905 square feet of their land for the expansion of Hanuman temple in Sheopur, Madhya Pradesh. Javed Ansari, the donor, had said “I have donated this land to Hanuman Mandir to send out a message of communal harmony. I believe that such gestures will increase brotherhood between the Hindu and Muslim communities.”

Recently, in Assam, a group of locals, cutting across religious lines, were tirelessly helping the Muslims shift the 100-year old, two-storeyed minaret in Puranigudam area in Nagaon district after there was a fear of its demolition for the expansion of the National Highway (NH)-37.
While the entire nation is plagued with insecurity, with the brutal Babri Masjid massacre yet fresh in mind and the Gyanpith mosque of Kashi feared to be next in line, such selfless gestures give a hope that no matter how much the religious fanatics try, love will always prevail.

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