In line with the approaching Karnataka polls, BJP MLA KS Eshwarappa gives anti-Muslim speech

BJP MLA claims that Masjids were built in Mathura & Kashi after demolishing temples, promises rebuilding temples after demolishing these Masjids

Hate speech

Karnataka Legislative Assembly elections are approaching soon, and the right winged extremist Hindutva groups are actively spreading their communal divisive agenda in the state to keep the state on boil and create a turmoil. Karnataka goes to the polls in April-May 2023. Every other day, there is some news reported from the state, varying from leaders giving anti-Muslim hate speech or atrocities being conducted against individuals from religious minorities.

A video was found on social media wherein BJP MLA K.S. Eshwarappa gave an anti-Muslim hate speech. In the speech, he could be seen addressing an audience and heard saying, “Modi will become the PM again in 2024. Masjids were built in Mathura and Kashi after demolishing temples, those Masjids will also be destroyed on the lines of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya& temples will be rebuilt there too.”

The video can be viewed here:



Last month, BJP MLA Basangouda PatilYatnal, known for his anti-Muslim stance, had sparked a row over his comments comparing Muslims in the state to Tipu Sultan. While addressing a rally in Vijayapura, Karnataka, keeping the Assembly elections in mind, Yatnal raised the Tipu Sultan discourse again. He said “All MLAs ask me, in your constituency there are one lakh Tipu Sultans (Muslim votes) how a Shivaji Maharaj descendant won from Bijapur. Going forward in Bijapur, none of the followers of Tipu Sultan will win. Even by mistake you should not cast your votes for Muslims.”

In January, the Bharatiya Janata Party’s Karnataka state president, Naleen Kumar Kateel, indulged in targeted hate speech and said that party workers in the state should focus on the issue of “love jihad” before the assembly elections later this year, instead of “road, gutter, drain and other small issues”. This statement of Nalin Kateel had drawn strong opposition from the opposition, with the Congress accusing the BJP of deliberately indulging in divisive polarisation to cloud its absence of performance and delivery in government.



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