Threats for votes continue unabated, Maneka Gandhi lands in another controversy

Written by SabrangIndia | Published on: April 16, 2019

Says villages will be classified into ABCD as per votes for BJP

Image Courtesy: Photo Credit: K.V.S. GIRI / The Hindu

Looks like a show-cause notice was no deterrent for the union minister Maneka Gandhi.

In another shocker, barely a few days since the Women and Child Development (WCD) minister made the controversial no-jobs-for-Muslims comment, Gandhi has said that villages will be classified into different sections for developmental work based on how many votes the BJP receives.

Gandhi was canvassing for votes in Sultanpur where she told prospective voters that there would be an ‘ABCD” system based on which she will prioritise development for only those villages who register maximum votes for the BJP as a reward.

Here, she elaborated that ‘category A’ will be reserved for villages that case 80 percent votes for the BJP, ‘category B’ for 60 percent favourable votes and ‘category C’ and ‘category D’ will be fixed for villages that cast less than 50 percent votes.

In what appears like a clear threat, Gandhi said,Every time we win from Pilibhit, so what is framework for village-wise development? We segregate all villages as A, B, C, D. The framework is, when the work will begin, 80 per cent of the work will be done for category A villages, then 60 per cent for the rest of the people. So, it is up to you whether you make it to A, B, C or D. No one should fall in D category as we all come here to do good.”

She added that the BJP has also implemented the same ‘category’ system at Pilibhit, from where her son Varun Gandhi is the BJP candidate.

Merely a week back, she had issued a ‘ferman’ to Muslims saying that she will not be able to do anything for those Muslim voters who don’t vote for her. Moreover, she said that whether or not Muslims vote for her, she will certainly win.

She had said, “My feelings get hurt. If Muslims then come to me asking for work, then I will think let it be, how does it matter? After all, a job is a deal,” making it clear that Muslims should not expect jobs if they don’t vote for her.

The Election Commission (EC) had issued a show-cause notice to her on this statement.

In what appears to be a swap, Maneka Gandhi is contesting from her son Varun Gandhi’s Sultanpur constituency while he is the BJP candidate in Pilibhit.

Pilibhit will be going to polls in the third phase of Lok Sabha elections on April 23. The results of the seven-phase national election will be announced on May 23.