Triple Talaq Bill: Shame on the personal law board

Written by Shamsul Islam | Published on: August 1, 2019

It is high time to ask an inconvenient question: Who has led to this isolation? Who has been shamed most?


It is high time to ask an inconvenient question: Who has led to this isolation? Who has been shamed most?

If any organization which has accrued maximum shame, in this case, is the All India Muslim Personal Law Board and its leadership. According to historian and social activist, SI Habib, ''These women first knocked on the doors of the All India Muslim Personnel Board [AIMPLB], who ignored and mocked them. This situation would not have arisen had the AIMPLB, who claim to be leaders of Indian Muslims, had acted on the issue long back. Instant triple talaq is a un-Islamic practice. And the triple talaq that Quran recommends is a complicated and complex method that all the maulvis simply ignore".

They waited for 70 years in declaring it as 'bad divorce', even then did nothing about discarding it. The height of absurdity was that they still kept on calling it Divine and continue to do it even after the  SC judgment.

This lot of Islamic clergy remained indifferent to the fact that TT played havoc with the lives of women, most of them young, who were devout Muslims. These 'learned' Islamic scholars have no heart to feel the pain and suffering of victim Muslim women. They seem to be totally oblivious of the reality that all Islamic/Muslim countries discarded this atrocious practice long ago. Even in India a tiny section of Muslims take recourse to it. They are much worried about the inviolability of the Quran but remain ignorant of the fact that Holy Book does not allow it. Whoever tried to practice TT during the times of Prophet and first four caliphs were duly punished.

It is sad that such Islamic scholars who believe that only they have the franchisee of Islam and Shariah have turned Islam into a draconian anti-Muslim women religion. According to them, the only task assigned to Islam in India is to cage Muslim women, humiliate and denigrate them. They keep on chanting about equality, justice, and well-being from house-tops and minarets as fundamental principles of Islam but these are not for Muslim women, these are reserved for Muslim males only. With them around, the Hindutva gang is bound to succeed in denigrating Islam and its followers. If Muslims have become laughing stock it is due to such 'imams' or gurus of Islam. The fact is that just ended deliberations in the SC on TT have totally unmasked the anti-Muslim agenda of these Believers.