The 'Where is Najeeb' All Night SIT In Continues, DIG, CBI Refuses to Meet Family

Written by SabrangIndia Staff | Published on: October 13, 2017

'We will stay infront of CBI and not move out..because enough is enough..if you feel the pain of Fatima Nafees join us. #Najeeb'

Over 700 protesters, led by JN U student Najeeb Ahmed's family have been staging a sit in outside CBI's headquarters at Delhi even as CBI has so far, refused to speak to them. Sadaf Musharraf, Najeeb's sister speaking to Sabrangindia bemoaned the fact that the central agency has turned a blind eye to the anguished protesters. protesting.

Last October 14 was the last that Najeeb Ahmed was seen alive. A student of JNU and resident of Delhi, living in the Mahi-Mandvi Hostel, Najeeb had been brutally attacked and beaten by students affiliated to the RSS-ABVP. Najeeb was a student of MSC Biotech. Since October 15, almost a year now he is missing. When Najeeb's mother went to register a police complaint, Delhi policemen prevented her from writing down the name of the ABVP students who she knows are believed to have assaulted her son. Thereafter, it is reported that several students of JNU who were also eeye-witnesses have also made written complaints to the JNU administration.

The statement released by the protesters:

1. The JNU Administration is not initiating any steps to actually unearth what happened or transpired with Najeeb.The JNu Proctor's Report has pointed fingers to the role of four students belonging to the ABVP. The Security personnel and Warden too have testified to the violence on Najeeb perpetrated by students of the ABVP. But, it is alleged that the Vice Chancellor (allied to the RSS) has changed the contents of these reports.

2. The JNU Administration and VC have, to date not met with the family members of Najeeb.

3. The JNU administration has misled the Court

Role of BJP Government and Police

1. From the start, it is alleged, that the police role was in protecting the ABVP, not in tracing or finding Najeeb.  The Police did not write the name of those ABVP students named and identified for beating najeeb, in the FIR. AQBVp students and leaders have not been questioned and no sincere steps have been made in locating Najeeb. The investigation has been pushed around from the police, to the SIT with no intention to get to the root oft he issue/crime.

2. False versions are circulated to derail the demands for a fair and indepedent investigation.

3. No conceret steps despite strictures by the Court.

4. The conduct of the CBI has been even more irersponsible: for over three months no statements fo witensses have been recorded.

5. Representatives of the BJP government have consistently been feeding false and malicious stories to the media about Najeeb.

6. It is the BJP that has spent money on engaging expensing counsel for ABVP students to defend their reprehensible conduct.

7. Even after the case was handed over to CBI, two court dates have passed and nothing concrete has emerged from the investigation. The one year experience tells us (the family) that no agency under the BJP government will ever get to the truth of the matter since the ABVP is involved.

Hence the appeal for the protest that has now converted to an all night SIT IN.

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