Who is more ‘developed': Jammu and Kashmir vis a vis the rest of India, some figures

Written by Sabrangindia | Published on: August 7, 2019
A day after Article 370 was virtually scrapped in a bid to make Jammu and Kashmir more like the rest of India, let us examine some key development parameters. These figures are as per the National Family Health Survey (NFHS-4) and shed light on how people in Kashmir have fared so far, despite a climate of fear, militancy, militarisation and bloodshed. 


Malnutrition levels among children (underweight)

Jammu and Kashmir: 16.6%
Uttar Pradesh: 39.5%
Whole of India: 35.8%

Infant Mortality Levels
Jammu and Kashmir: 32/1000 live births
Uttar Pradesh: 64/1000 live births
Whole of India: 41/1000 live births

Under five mortality rate
Jammu and Kashmir: 38/1000 live births
Uttar Pradesh: 78/1000 live births
Whole of India 50/1000 live births

Current use of family planning methods
Jammu and Kashmir: 57.3%
Uttar Pradesh: 45.5%
Whole of India: 53.5%

Teenage pregnancy (15-19 year old mothers)
Jammu and Kashmir: 2.9%
Uttar Pradesh: 3.8%
Whole of India: 7.9%

Mothers who had 4 antenatal care visits
Jammu and Kashmir: 81.4%
Uttar Pradesh: 26.4%
Whole of India: 51.2%

Full Immunization
Jammu and Kashmir: 75.1%
Uttar Pradesh: 51.1%
Whole of India: 62%

Women experienced spousal violence
Jammu and Kashmir: 9.4%
Uttar Pradesh: 36.7%
Whole of India: 31.1%

Spousal violence
Jammu and Kashmir: 14%
Uttar Pradesh: 38%
Whole of India 33%

Women (aged 18-29) married by the exact age of 18
Jammu and Kashmir: 9.2%
Uttar Pradesh: 22.5%
Whole of India: 27.9%

Men (aged 21-29) married by exact age of 21
Jammu and Kashmir: 9.5%
Uttar Pradesh: 21.9%
Whole of India: 17.4%