Assam gov’t launches online portal to file appeals before Foreigners Tribunals


The Home and Political department of the Assam government is opening an online portal to help people who have been excluded from the final National Register of Citizens (NRC) file appeals for inclusion. They have also prepared a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for filing appeals and claims in Foreigners’ Tribunals (FT).

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This SOP was prepared following the modified order of Foreigners Tribunal, 2019. To appeal in the FT, the excluded person should take the copy of ‘rejection letter’ and memo with the respective application form. The online portal aims to make the appeal process easier. The form to be filled for filing an appeal will be available on the portal. The address of the Foreigners’ Tribunal will be mention in the online form. The applicant will get a print-out copy, where ARN will also be inluded. Applicants can apply for inclusion of their name in NRC from the same district, where they had submitted application earlier.
The excluded persons should then themselves go to Foreigners Tribunals with the rejection letter from the NRC authority and online appeal memo form. The Foreigners Tribunal will give a receiving number as a proof of receiving the appeal. FT will inform the applicants about the important documents and hearing.
The applicant should give description about the biometric examination at the time of submitting appeal form. If someone has not completed the biometric process, they have to complete it in special judgment process. 
Meanwhile, more than 200 new FT members have been appointed and will be undergoing training before assuming office.



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