Attack on freedom of speech: CPI(M) leader receives call from police over meme on Savarkar

When Sadique Basha questioned them on the law under which police took notice of the social media meme, the police backed down

The right to freedom of speech and expression, which is guaranteed by Article 19 of the Indian Constitution, has been so severely curtailed in the new India that even sharing a meme on social media can get you into trouble. This happened when Sadique Basha, the leader of the CPI(M) in Mira-Bhayandar, received a call from the police regarding the posting of a meme on Savarkar on his social media profile. This episode is representative of the current political climate in the state of Maharashtra. The call was described as being “very aggressive” by Basha. 

As per the details provided, over the call the police officer in Mira Road confirmed his address and said they were standing in front of his building. When Basha questioned the policeman why they had called him, the policeman inquired if he had shared a Savarkar-related meme on his social media page.

It was only when Basha enquired the police on the law under which the police had taken note of a social media meme that the police backed down. Basha also questioned the police on the law under which he was required to report to the police immediately.

It is essential to note that a multi-party delegation will be meeting the police today.

What was the post about?

The post was a humorous quote about Savarkar’s (lack of) role in India’s freedom struggle. It also included a picture of Savarkar’s notorious mercy petition which he allegedly wrote to the British administration while he was in a jail in the Andaman and Nicobar Island. 

The impugned meme posted by leader Sadique Basha is as follows:


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