Bail for All Assailant ‘Gau Rakshaks’ in Ayub Murder Case: Gujarat

All the cow vigilantes or gau rakshaks (cow protectors) accused of killing Mohammed Ayub Mev, a Muslim youth on September 13 last year, are out of jail, with the Gujarat high court granting regular bail to the eighth accused, Deepak Solanki, earlier this week. Shockingly investigations in this case have not progressed. The Times of India  has reported on the bail given to a string of accused in this crime. Solanki got bail after two of three eyewitnesses in the case could not identify him during a test identification parade before a magistrate. He also got bail on the grounds of parity , as seven co-accused in this case were granted bail by the very same Gujarat HC last month. Last September, Mev died after gau rakshaks attacked him and Sameer Shaikh in the Anandnagar area, when the duo were allegedly found transporting cattle.

It was only after much public protest, police got into action and eight persons were arrested and charged. Before Solanki, another accused Vijay Bharwad had got bail on March 17. Both are accused of murder, attempt to murder, rioting and unlawful assembly . The HC granted them bail on condition of not leaving Gujarat without the court's permission.

 There are six other accused persons in this case -Vipul Vyas, Alpesh Rabari, Dhaval Bhatt, Aniket Shah, Ritesh Prajapati and Vikram Bhati.They are accused of attempt to murder and rioting. The high court granted bail on March 9 on furnishing a bond of Rs 10,000. All six got bail on the grounds of parity .

Twenty-nine  Year Old Mohammad Ayub succumbed to this brutal thrashing by 'Gau Rakshaks' (Cow Vigilantes) in Ahmedabad on September 16, the day that Narendra Modi, prime minister was all set to visit his home state on his birthday. Sabrangindia was the first to report on this heinous crime at the national level.

Ahmedabad remaineds tense as parents of 29 year old Mohammad Ayub, thrashed to his death by Gau Rakshaks then refused to accept his dead body until a case of murder under Section 302 is registered against the assailants. Though an FIR was registered two days ago when the brutal incident took place, the offence of murder has not been added. An irate but united crowd of Muslims and Dalits gathered today outside the municipal V.S, Hospital unfortunately known for it's partisan attitude towards patients. The crowd was there until late at night.

It was the Gujarat Today newspaper has filed a detailed report on the gory incident.Mohammad Ayub succumbed to his injuries at about 5 p.m. today. The incident around which they were attacked took place on September 13, three days ago, when the deceased Mohammad Ayyub and Sameer Sheikh were traveling in an Innova towards Ahmedabad with two calves. Suddenly they were chased by a mob calling themselves Gau Rakshaks who rammed into their car near Honest T-junction near Karnavati club in Ahmedabad, pulled them out of the car and beat them up.

This incident happened at around 3 a.m. on September 13.



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