Bhim Army Calls for Agra Bandh over Sanjali Murder: December 25

Bhim Army chief has given the call for an Agra Bandh on December 25 over the burning alive of 15 year old adolescent girl, Sanjali in Agra late last week. On Saturday, Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad had visited Agra after the ghastly incident and demanded a Rs 50 lakh reparation amount for the family. 

Increasing lawlessness in Uttar Pradesh, especially against the most vulnerable sections has been growing under the RSS-Yogi regime and the latest incident has drwan widespread criticism. Bhim Army has been at the forefront of the protests after which the BSP too has joined in.Last saturday, Bhim Army activists gathered at the Police Lines and burned effigies of the state government. A growing protest against the BJP regime has been emerging in recent weeks. There gas been a deafening silence on the state of affairs in UP from the central government , be it the Home Minister, Rajnath Singh or the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.



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