BHU administration agrees to open central library, students prevail!

The Vice Chancellor confirmed that the central library, cyber library for 300 students will be opened from December 14, 2020 and hostels will open after end-of-semester examinations.


Banaras Hindu University (BHU) students ended their indefinite strike in front of the Vice Chancellor’s (VC) residence on December 11, 2020 after the official agreed to open a central library and cyber library for 300 students from Monday. A city delegation will also be opened for 50 students.

Students, who held a week-long protest against the closure of campus due to coronavirus pandemic, said the administration agreed to open hostels in January 2021, following end-of-semester examinations. Further, the VC also told them that all academic activities will be conducted without ‘no-dues’ as per the guidelines of the Government of India and University Grants Commission.

Nonetheless, students also complained that one of the agitating students was injured during a scuffle with security personnel outside the VC’s house on December 10. They claimed the university administration resorted to police assistance to stop students’ dharna. Students Sumit, Kundan, Shubham, Gopi, Santosh, Nitish, Pallava, Subodh, claimed the university administration had treated them like terrorists. They presented a video where one of the security persons abused a student.

However, Chief Proctor O.P. Rai categorically denied any form of abuse on students.

Meanwhile, the BHU plans to introduce a new two-year postgraduate course on ‘Kashi Study’ from July 2021. The course will allow students to understand the mystique of the heritage city.

“This will teach them about the city which is one of the oldest in the world and is a symbol of life, and used to be known for its streets. The religious culture, musical tradition and sculpture art of Kashi always attracts and mesmerizes the world,” said the government in a public statement.


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