Bittu Bajrangi indulges in moral policing, delivers hate speech, violates bail conditions

The Nuh Sessions Court had asked him to not make any public statements, especially on social media, while granting him bail

Bittu Bajrangi, who was granted bail on August 30 in relation to a case related to the communal violence that took place in Nuh, Haryana has been making the headlines yet again. In the past week, incidents of Bittu Bajrangi indulging in hate speech and moral policing have surfaced. These incidents stand in violation of the conditions imposed on his bail by the Nuh Sessions Court which had asked Bajrangi to stay away from making any public statements, particularly on social media. Notably, he had been released on bail after spending two weeks in jail.

1. Hate speech- calls for economic boycott of Muslims

Addressing a crowd on November 4 in Faridabad, Bajrangi gave a hate speech targeting the Muslim community. Through his speech, he asked for the Hindus to boycott Muslim sellers while buying anything for Diwali festivals. By creating the fear of Muslims using their earning to slaughter cows and harass Hindu women, the serial hate offender indulged in spreading anti-Muslim sentiments and raising calls for economic boycott of Muslims.


“During the festival of Diwali, I would urge our sisters and brothers to not buy from demons. I want us to identify the sellers before buying so that we only buy from our Hindu brothers because if Muslims earn, they use that money to cut our holy cows, our mothers and our sisters.”

“In the regions that these people are present in less numbers, there they talk about brotherhood. But in the regions that they are present in majority, they subject our mothers and sisters to torture. You all remember what happened in Mewat. This is why I am requesting all my sisters and brothers to only buy Diwali material from their Hindu brothers. We are not concerned with anyone else.”

I also want to remind all my sisters and daughters that their brother Bittu Bajrangi will be available for them at all hours of the day. I want to dedicate my life to saving my daughters and sisters from these demons.”

The video can be viewed here:

2. Moral policing- prohibiting an interfaith couple from getting married

In Faridabad, Haryana, Bittu Bajrangi stopped an inter-faith couple from getting married. A video was uploaded on ‘X’ (formerly Twitter) showed Bajrangi donning a saffron kurta and circling a young couple with his mob of men. He can be heard saying that the family members had complained to him regarding the marriage and that is why he was taking action. He deemed the marriage between the two to be illegal and accused the man of being a father of four children. He also blamed the man of brain washing the girl.

The video also shows the girl stating that she is 25-years-old. She can be clearly heard saying that she knows about the children and is willing to marry the man out of her own accord.

The video can be viewed here:

Blatant contempt of court?

Bittu Bajrangi had been booked in connection with the communal violence that had taken place in Nuh district during a religious procession on July 31. Bajrangi, who had released a provocative video a day before the Jal Abhishek Yatra was taken out by Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal, was arrested for allegedly brandishing weapons during the rally when violence erupted on July 31, the police had said. The said communal violence had resulted into targeting of Muslims in other districts of Haryana and Delhi-NCR. The anti-Muslim attacks had gone on for 4 days and had resulted in the death of six people and over 88 injured.

Bajrangi had been arrested on August 15 following a massive outage against Haryana BJP government. The Hindutva activist was apprehended after a team of over 20 officers in civilian clothes, armed with lathis, chased Bajrangi from his home. He had attempted to flee but is nabbed by the team, as per Maktoob Media report.  As per the police, Bajrangi had also been booked for obstructing the police from performing duty, assaulting them and fleeing after snatching weapons seized by the police from the spot.

He was released on bail by additional district and sessions judge Sandeep Kumar on August 30. His bail conditions included obtaining prior permission from the superintendent of police to visit Nuh district and refraining from making public statements, especially on social media. It is also crucial to highlight here that as per a report of Hindustan Times, the major grounds on which Bajrangi was granted bail by the court included the delay of a fortnight in registering an FIR against him, improbable allegations of snatching seized weapons like swords from police, and lack of evidence to ascertain whether the weapons Bajrangi carried were meant to inflict injury on policemen or to members of a particular community.

Bittu Bajrangi is the Faridabad head of Gau Raksha Bajrang Force and has found a mention in multiple FIRs related to hate speech against Muslims.



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