The bizarre colour codes of Union Bank Of India

Dress in nine colours for Navratri, Union Bank of India tells employees, then withdraws circular 

union bank of india

Union Bank of India, one of the largest Public Sector Banks in India decided that it was a good idea to enforce a daily dress code on its employees, for Navratri. The nine-day Hindu festival dedicated to the nine incarnations of the Goddess is celebrated by the devout in different ways across the country. The fasting, feasting and celebrating varies according to region, as does the festive clothing.

However, it is perhaps for the first time that a government institution, that to a bank, had enforced a ‘Navratri Dress Code’ on its employees. Yet this is what the Union Bank Of India did and issued a circular asking all its employees to adhere to the prescribed dress code that assigned a colour for each day of Navratri. The employees were warned that they will have to pay a Rs 200  fine if they do not follow colour code. The circular, literally colour coded itself, went viral on messaging groups and was shared on social media too,

It came to the attention of Su Venkatesan MP Member of Parliament (Madurai Constituency), who then raised the issue. As soon as an uproar began. The Union Bank management withdrew the circular on Saturday. However, the MP has reportedly sought that action must also be taken against the person who issued this circular in violation of government rules.



The bank has enthusiastically been posting about the different incarnations of the goddesses worshiped on different days. Though they are yet to explain why they issued the compulsory  dress code on their employees, not all of whom may be celebrating the festival, or even have all the colour in their wardrobe they were being forced to wear!




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