BJP Cracks the Whip: 8 Youngsters asked to Quit over Valentine’s Day Video

The Hindustan Times reports that eight Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) workers, including both men and women, were asked to resign after a video of them dancing together on Bollywood songs at the BJP office in Mira Road went viral on social media. The video was recorded while the partymen were celebrating Valentine’s Day and the birthday of one of the p[arty members — Sonia Nayak. The entire Mira Road office has been shut down after video gained popularity on social media.

BJP valentine day

The celebration was held at the Kanakia division office of the BJP located in the Bhairav Residency area in Mira Road. The video caught on from Wednesday and finally the Bhayander BJP MLA Narendra Mehta has sought resignations of the eight members seen in the clip and also ordered that the Mira Road office be shut down.

“This is not the first time that a party member’s birthday has been celebrated in the office, but dancing to film songs is an act of indiscipline and we have decided to take strict action as the party will not tolerate such acts. I have asked the 8 members to submit their resignations and we will present the same to my senior leaders to take action. I have also ordered for the closure of the Mira Road office,” said Mehta.

The members were seen dancing and they later cut the a birthday cake for to celebrate Nayak’s birthday in the office, which coincided with Valentine’s Day. Some of the party members shot the video on their mobile phones and later uploaded it on social media.

The workers seen in the video are Kajal Saxsena, Sonia Nayak,Prem Phoolchand, Raj Pathak, Swati Bhansali, and others. The video, which went viral, was shot by Rajni Nagpal, using her mobile phone.




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