BJP HP Chief Satpal Satti Threatens to Chop Off Hands of Those Raising Fingers at Modi

Despite the Election Commission’s (EC) censure, BJP Himachal Pradesh Chief Satpal Satti Singh once again took a jibe at Congress president Rahul Gandhi for his ‘Chowkidar Chor hai’ (Watchman – referring to Modi – is a thief) remark on Wednesday. In yet another baleful comment, at a rally in Mandi, Satti threatened that those who raise a finger at the BJP members including the Prime Minister, their hands will be chopped off.

Satpal Satti

Satti said, “Wo chowkidar ko is desh ka, beimaan bolte hain… Jo hamare baap ko chor bolega usko bhi ham log waese he bolenge… Saamne neta log baithe hain, agar koi unki oar ungli uthaega, ham log uski baajoo kaat karke uske haath mein pakda denge” (They call the watchman of the entire country, a thief. Whoever calls our father a thief will hear equally derogatory replies from us… BJP leaders are sitting here, if anyone raises a finger at them, we will chop off their hands).

Satti then went on to attack the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh calling him a ‘sher’ (lion) and former Congress president Sonia Gandhi calling her ‘Maa’ (Goddess). Calling Singh a ‘silent PM’, he said that despite being a sher he couldn’t do much because “jis samay sher ke upar maa baithi hoti hai toh sher kuch nahi kar sakta” (when the Goddess is riding the lion, the lion cannot do anything).

It seems that the EC’s 48-hour ban, for using abusive language against Rahul Gandhi in a rally at Ramshehar in Solan district on April 13, hasn’t been effective. Satti has been repeatedly attacking Rahul Gandhi by his derogatory and personal remarks in several election rallies.

Predictably, Satti said he did not remember having made any comment regarding chopping people’s hands. Further, when asked about apologising, he said, “Baad mein dekhenge (Will see later).”

Himachal Pradesh Congress Committee (HPCC) president Kuldeep Singh Rathore has condemned Satti’s remarks. Rathore said, “We will complain about Satti ji’s comments to the Election Commission. His language and statements against Congress are unacceptable. He should be barred from campaigning in the entire remaining campaigning season.”

In this election season, which is said to be the deciding factor for the further trajectory of our nation, political parties, especially the current ruling dispensation are repeatedly violating the Model Code of Conduct by passing threatening and communal remarks for influencing the voters. Earlier, other BJP members like Ramesh Katara and Maneka Gandhi had intimidated the voters by saying that if they want jobs they have to vote for BJP. Even the Chhattisgarh Minister Kawasi Lakhma warned the voters to vote for Congress or receive electric shocks.

The power struggle has intensified so much that the politicians across the parties have completely overlooked the important issues that are affecting the lives of millions of people. Regrettably, election campaigns have become more like a battle ground where politicians consider it as an opportunity to personally and/or communally attack the opposition members so as to demean them. Amidst all this, voters are left perplexed by another 5-yearly episode of big promises and hopefulness.

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