BJP leader allegedly threatens to close mandli if BJP does not get 75% votes from Gujarat village

BJP’s Mohan Kundariya, who is contesting the Lok Sabha polls from the Rajkot seat in Gujarat, found himself in hot water after an audio clip of him allegedly issuing a threat to get votes went viral. Per DNA, in a phone call with Rajkot district Panchayat member Nanubhai Dodiya of the Congress, allegedly said, “I need 70-75 per cent voting from Kotharia in my favour. If not, the mandli could be shut down,” and claimed Dodiya had criticised him. DNA reported that Dodiya responded by telling Kundariya not to threaten him, and said, “I will resign if you say. I am a member of district panchayat of Congress.. talk with me respectfully”. 

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Image Courtesy: Ahmedabadmirror

The Ahmedabad Mirror reported that Kundariya told Dodiya to ensure that 70% of votes in Kotharia, on the outskirts of Rajkot, should go to the BJP, and said that if this did not happen, he would make sure that the Kotharia Cooperative Society is dissolved. Dodiya is the organisation’s president, and has headed it for 30 years. Per the Ahmedabad Mirror, Kundariya denied the allegations and accused the Congress of mischief. Dodiya said that Kundariya called him at 9:30pm on Saturday, April 13. The Mirror noted that on Thursday, April 11, the Congress alleged that Kundariya had breached the Election Model Code of Conduct by arranging a press conference at the Rajkot mayor’s bungalow; the code mandates that government property cannot be used for a political event. At the press conference, Kundariya alleged that the Congress was inciting farmers’ protests over the nonpayment of crop insurance, the Ahmedabad Mirror said.

DNA noted that Kundariya joins other BJP leaders who have issued threats over votes, saying that BJP MLA Madhu Shrivastav is being investigated by the police for speech in which he allegedly threatened people with “dire consequences” if they did not vote for the BJP. Moreover, Gujarat minister Kunvarji Bavaliya was captured on camera on Saturday, April 13, asking a group of villagers why they had not voted for him. Campaigning in the Kanesara village, Bavaliya was confronted by a group of residents, largely women, who told him that drinking water was available to only half of the village, NDTV reported. Bavaliya said, “I have the entire water resources ministry, I am in the government, and if required, I can sanction crores of rupees to arrange water supply to the village,” adding, “When I contested the election this time, I got only 55 per cent votes. Why didn’t you all come together to vote for me?” 



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