BJP MLA Nitesh Rane leads Hindutva Rally in Govandi, demands demolition of “illegal Masjids and Madrasa”

Kankavli’s MLA from BJP, Nitesh Rane reached Govandi last week in Mumbai to lead a rally where he demanded bulldozer action against the mosques and Madrasas in the area, stating that they were illegal and that the area was becoming increasingly populated by “Rohingya and Bangladeshi.”

In Govandi’s Shivaji Nagar, a rally was taken out reportedly led by BJP MLA Nitesh Rane. The rally, filled with saffron flags, also reportedly saw violent anti-Muslim slogans and also, as per reports, a call for arms. One of the slogans shouted also was, “Band karo, band karo, Love-jihad band karo”, and “Tu Durga ban, tu kali ban, kabhi na burqe wali ban.”

Nitesh Rane spoke to the media, stating the following, promising the residents of the area the same consequences as what happened in Mira Road, “Shivaji Nagar will also have the bulldozer. The Hindu here is also not safe. All of our Mankur-Shivajinagar area is becoming a mini-Bangladesh. Today our Hindu samaj stepped on the streets. Today here, a huge number of ‘illegal’ Masjids and madarsa are created by land jihad, these should be removed. Otherwise, we will do whatever we can – with the government. What happened in Mira Road, will happen here too, the bulldozer will be deployed.”

When asked what is the goal of the rally by the media persons present, he replied, “The goal is that the Bangladeshi and Rohingya population have been increasing here like anything.”

After violence struck Mumbai’s Mira Road in January, Nitesh Rane was reportedly witnessed at the site making allegedly incendiary statements in the tense neighbourhood. According to reports, Rane had posted during the tense environment a provocative post on X, wherein a section of his post had the following, “Chun chun ke marenge!!! Jai Shri Ram.”

Moreover, in a speech after the violence took place at Mira Road, Rane can also be reportedly heard stating that the government supports their actions as long as the ‘boss’ is in the ‘bungalow,’ saying “Do anything you want (trouble Muslims) and if police come your way, just call me for help, I’ll assure your safety. Police won’t do anything to me because our boss is sitting at ‘Sagar’ bungalow. If any officers come your way don’t forget to give him or her a tight slap. You don’t need to worry about anything, we’re with you. The government is with you.”


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