Blaphemy or sedition: Poems for our times

There is a Spot upon the Earth

There is a spot upon the earth
Where people stand firm and true
On behalf of those the Fat Cat shuns—
It’s called JNU.
The Fat Cat marshals violent hordes,
Enforcement winks assent;
The truth—it sneaks from subterfuge.
The mask of tyranny is rent.
The Fat Cat does not questions like.
He pushes them under the flag;
The camouflage does not suffice
To lock people in the bag.
Coming days will surely tell
The fake from the noble passion—
Do flags and heroes or little people
Make up the real nation.

Blasphemy or Sedition

We are a continent of choice,
You are free to choose either one—
Speak freely of god or man,
And pick blasphemy or sedition.
Be not your hate of our kind
But deriving from atrocity,
You invite either sedition
Or embrace blasphemy.
Our hates are nationalist—
Yours dangerously just;
Should you insist to disagree,
Well, l we destroy you must.
God is that we think is god,
And State is what suits us best;
Refusing either postulate—
The police will have to do the rest.



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