Break this chain of Hate: Teesta Setalvad’s 2018 speech in Allahabad

As journalist and human rights defender Teesta Setalvad spends another night in Gujarat’s Sabarmati jail, Sabrang India looks back at some of her most powerful work (and words) over the last thirty years – work and words deemed dangerous enough to be imprisoned. This is the struggle of our memory against forgetting, against the white-washing and clean-chitting of violence.

In this detailed speech recorded in March 2018 in Allahabad, Teesta Setalvad addressed several senior lawyers, prominent personalities and the youth of the nation. She criticised the Facsist nature of the regime that has been built over the past few decades through the politics of hate and bigotry, the Government’s reluctance to engage with the youth of the nation and its fear for the difficult questions that today’s generation could raise. 

She also spoke about the social and political power of the youth and an emerging Bhim Sena’s contribution in countering divisive politics. 






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