Insaan Hain Hum




    An Appeal for Peace In an unusual and moving program, Loknaad, an Ahmedabad based people’s expression forum, released its peace expressions "Insaan Hain Hum: Lakeeron Se Banti Insaaniyat Ke Naam" on April 2 in Ahmedabad. These peace products include an audio-cassette and a series of song posters.

    The program was attended by around 500 persons: mill workers, hawkers, eminent doctors, advocates, high court judges, professionals and students from various parts of Gujarat.

    The program began with observing silence in memory of the victims of mindless communal violence during the recent incidents in Ahmedabad on the occasion of Id and Holi. Loknaad’s songs dealt with different aspects of social violence.

    The atmosphere in the auditorium was emotionally charged and the songsevoked strong imagery, as a result of which, at several points, both the performers and the listeners were moved to tears.

    Girish Patel, renowned human rights activist and a leading senior advocate at the Gujarat high court, spoke of the relevance of the collection of songsin the present social context of Gujarat. He elaborated on the issues raised by the Loknaad songs, he narrated both his personal and professional journey from a dream of a beautiful Gujarat to a divided, violent and indifferent Gujarat which it is at present. He spoke about how our definition of ‘violence’ does not include the day to day violence on under-priviledged sections of society. He concluded by saying that that ‘Insaan Hain Hum’ is not merely a collection of songs but is a product which can initiate a much needed process of self introspection and sensitisation among the people of Gujarat and India.

    For details and copies of the audio-cassette and posters, write to Loknaad, Expression Forum of Abhigam Collective, Garage, 65, Brahman Mitra Mandal Society, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad 380 006

    Archived from Communalism Combat, April 2000, Year 7  No. 58, Breaking Barriers 1