No new TADA, please



    The move of the BJP-led NDA alliance to push through a new version of TADA in the shape of the Criminal Law Amendment Bill, 1999 (now re-named to Prevention of Terrorism Bill, 2000) has evinced sharp reactions from the human rights fraternity nationwide (see CC, April 2000)


    Meetings have been held and pamphlets distributed reminding people of the miserable track record of the decade during which TADA was in existence (1984-1995) and the long string of human rights abuses it resulted in. The abysmally low conviction rate and the fact that it targeted protesting and dissenting sections of the Indian populaton has been highlighted.

    The PUDR has published a booklet on the issue. PILSARC, Delhi organised a public meeting on the question in early April as did the People’s Union for Human Rights, Gujarat (PUHR)on April 15. The permanent preventive detention law will now be tabled in a new garb the Prevention of Terrorism Bill during the next session of Parliament in June.

    Archived from Communalism Combat, May 2000. Year 7, No. 59, Breaking Barriers 2