Peace, not war talk


    Statement issued by the Movement in India for  Nuclear Disarmament (MIND) & Pakistan Peace  Coalition (PPC) on January 29, 1999 : "The recent announcement by the Indian Defence Minister George Fernandes unveiling a "limited wars" doctrine is alarming evidence of the dangerous path along which those who govern India are moving towrads. Recent news from Pakistan also suggests a tussle among the ruling generals with significant voices among them pushing for a "tougher" stand vis a vis India. This coupled with the continuing voices of nuclear threat mongering and blackmail on both sides of the border (especially exchanged during the Kargil conflict) pushes the subcontinent into one of is gravest crises ever.

    Several citizens forums have called for the cessation of the present climate of jingoism and chauvinism and stressed the need for sobriety and peace. The visits last week of several senior retired army officials from Pakistan and their recognition and commitment (reciprocated by their counterparts in India) to taking bold steps to foster peace in the region are an indication of the possibilities that still exist to urgently initiate a process of mutual restraint and dialogue.

    We urge the peoples and governments of both countries to urgently forge a bold plan of action to reverse the present process of sliding into a political deadlock that may justify continuing "limited wars" at the expense of greater amity and security for the peoples of South Asia.

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    MB Naqvi Sumit Sarkar

    Anis Haroon Imtiaz Ahmad

    Karamat Ali Smitu Kothari

    Abdul Khaliq Junejo Kumkum Sangari

    Brig. (retd). Abid Hameed Rao Praful Bidwai

    Tahir Mohammed Khan Achin Vanaik

    Sheema Kirmani Seema Mustafa

    BM Kutty Prabhat Patnaik

    AH Nayyar Tanika Sarkar

    Nusrat Jamil Kamal Mitra Chenoy

    Beena Sarwar Utsa Patnaik

    Jennifer Bennet Nirmala Deshpande

    IA Rehman Anuradha Chenoy

    Archived from Communalism Combat, February 2000, Year 7  No. 56,  Breaking Barriers 1