Brutal attack on young Muslim boy in Mumbai’s Ghatkopar

A young Muslim pizza delivery boy's harrowing account sheds light on a recent incident of hate crime.

In a shocking incident a Muslim pizza delivery boy was savagely assaulted by a group of far-right extremists, raising concerns about the escalating tide of intolerance and bigotry.

In a video appearing on Twitter on the August 20, 2023, the victim can be seen speaking as he lies grievously injured in a hospital bed. Shahid, the young victim, summoned the physical strength to recount the terrifying events that transpired on what was supposed to be an ordinary evening. The incident, which took place in the bustling streets of Ghatkopar, unfolded with a chilling sequence of events.

A group of men called Shahid to a corner under the guise of asking for a lighter. Suspecting nothing out of the ordinary, Shahid proceeded. He was called ‘Aurangzeb ki aulaad‘ after which they hit him from the back and started a relentless assault. He says they tried to force him into saying the names of “some deities”, however he didn’t say them and they proceeded to beat him brutally with sticks and hands.  Without warning, the situation escalated into a violent frenzy. Shahid, taken by surprise, was struck from behind with a force that left him disoriented. The assailants launched into a relentless barrage of blows, causing Shahid to fear for his life. Shahid also stated that they first called him to as a corner and began asking his name. After the assault, the four attackers ran away.

According to Free Press Journal, using CCTV footage and witness accounts, the police has arrested 4 men. While the family noes it to be an incident of a communal nature, the senior police inspector of Pant Nagar station, refuted such claims, saying that all were under the influence of alcohol and it was a ‘light matter’.


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