Bulandshahr Violence: This is how cow vigilantes hatched the plot to kill a policeman

The social media posts by the main accused Yogesh Raj, a member of Bajrang Dal and other posts show that the violence which claimed the life of police inspector Subodh Kumar Singh (SHO) and a student named Sumit, was pre-planned.


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Bulandshahr: Various news reports and social media posts paint a gory picture of the Bulandshahr violence that rocked Uttar Pradesh on Monday. The social media posts by the main accused Yogesh Raj, a member of Bajrang Dal and other posts show that the violence which claimed the life of police inspector Subodh Kumar Singh (SHO) and a student named Sumit, was pre-planned.
It has come to light that a letter was sent by representatives of BJP and other Hindutva outfits to Bulandshahr MLA Dr. Bhola Singh on September 9, complaining about Inspector Subodh Singh. The written complaint spoke about how inspector Singh was creating obstacles in Hindu religious events and that people were angry with his interference.
Monday was the last day of the Ijtema which is an integral part of the Tablighi Jamaat. Many Hindutva outfits questioned the validity and aim of holding the Ijtema and tried to incite hatred towards the organisers through social media.
Many Hindus and Muslims who were present for the Ijtema shared that it was a peaceful event which was very well organised.
On Monday, it was reported that cow carcasses were found in Mahaw village, some 40-50 kms away from the Ijtema gathering. “One of the villagers residing very close to the field where the carcass was found said he did not see any cow meat the day before. “I live right opposite the field. There was no dead meat during the previous day. It was only on Monday did we see these things. Also, I didn’t see anybody cutting the meat,” he said in a report by News 18.
BJP Yuva Morcha Adhyaksh (president) of Sayana, Bulandshahr invited Hindutva volunteers to gather at 6:30 am at RSS shakha (at Indira Gandhi College) in Sayana on Monday, the day the violence erupted.

Preplanned murder of Inspector Subodh Singh
“It appears to be a cold-blooded murder as rioters had come fully armed with arms, iron rods, spears and wooden sticks and they specifically targeted Inspector Subodh,” a police officer said on the condition of anonymity in a report by the Daily Pioneer. Circle Officer (CO) of Sayana Satya Prakash Sharma, escaped death as police force arrived on time and he was taken out to safety from a locked room.
“Inspector Subodh could not escape as rioters attacked with deadly sharp weapons and did not allow the rescue team to take him to hospital. By the time he was taken to the hospital, he had succumbed to bullet injuries in the head. According to sources in Bulandshahr Police, it appears that those behind the murder of Inspector Subodh Kumar had come prepared to bump him off as they did not heed to the continuous assurance given by him to lodge an FIR after a carcass of cow was found hanging in a sugar field on Monday morning,” the report said.
“Inspector Subodh Kumar, who had reached the spot immediately after getting the call, tried his best to assuage the irate crowd and he was joined by the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) of Siyana who kept on announcing via a loudhailer that exemplary action was being taken against those found guilty of killing cows. However, there were certain elements who were not in a mood to listen and they egged on the irate crowd to take revenge. The situation went out of hand and soon there was free of all as the police team led by Inspector Subodh Kumar was outnumbered. The mob, that was baying for his blood, targeted Inspector Subodh Kumar and snatched away his .32 bore licensed gun and three cell phones, including the one with the CUG number of the Uttar Pradesh Police. They shot in the head with his revolver. As other policemen tried to take him to the hospital, the mob attacked them,” said the police in the report.
Inspector Singh’s sister also believed that he was killed because of his role in the Dadri lynching case where Mohammad Akhlaq was murdered on the suspicion of storing beef. “My brother was killed in a conspiracy by the police as he was probing a cow slaughter case (Akhlaq lynching case). He should be given a martyr’s status and a memorial should be constructed in his name in our native place. Cow is our mother, I accept that. My brother has given his life for her. The CM used to chant ‘gau, gau, gau’. Why can’t he come for cow protection?” said Sunita Singh, his sister.
Singh was transferred before he could complete the Akhlaq investigation. Uttar Pradesh Additional Director General (Law and Order) Anand Kumar said that they will try and determine the age of the bovine carcasses to check if there was any foul play involved. He refused to disclose the reason for Mr Singh’s transfer.
ADG Intelligence SB Siradkar has reached Bulandshahr. The UP Government has asked him to submit his report within 48 hours. Additionally, a Special Investigation Team (SIT) has been constituted which will investigate what circumstances sparked the violence and why was the inspector left alone by his colleagues.
Yogesh Raj’s claims innocence
Bajrang Dal leader Yogesh Raj, the main accused in the killing of a policeman during mob violence over alleged cow slaughter in UP’s Bulandshahr, released a video from hiding on Wednesday, claiming innocence.
“In the video, Yogesh Raj, who is also a member of the VHP, claimed he was not present at the site of violence and had nothing to do with the protests. He also alleged that the UP police were trying to portray him in a bad light. Yogesh’s whereabouts have been unknown since Monday evening and the police are yet to decipher the location where the video was shot,” News18 reported.


“Protests were being held in the street outside Siyana police station. My Bajrang Dal colleagues and I were sitting inside,” he said. In the video, the 28-year-old also confirmed that he is the district convenor of the Bajrang Dal.
“I was in my house on Monday morning and received a call that some villagers had found cow meat in sugarcane fields. After this, I went there and rushed straight to the police station,” he said in the video.
However, the arguments that Yogesh puts forth in the video do not tally with the initial statement he gave to the Bulandshahr police. In his statement, Yogesh had stated that around 9 am on Monday, he and three of his friends had gone for a walk, the report said.
In a forested area near Mahaw, a neighbouring village, they spotted seven people slaughtering cows, they said. Before they could raise an alarm, those people fled. He had said they were all residents of his village.
“Another point of contradiction was Yogesh’s claim that he was sitting inside the police station when clashes erupted. Several videos have emerged to the contrary. He is seen and heard saying in one of the videos that he would keep blocking the road unless the police acted against those involved in the ‘cow slaughter’. In a few more videos that surfaced after the clash, he is also seen talking to police officials while the protest was on. “If the police has registered a case against cow slaughter, why will Bajrang Dal protest,” he said in his video from the hideout, the report added.
Analysis of Bulandshahr violence through various news reports and social media posts:
A letter dated 9 September 2018 against Inspector Subodh Singh was sent to Bulandshahr MLA Dr. Bhola Singh by the representatives of BJP and other Hindutva outfits. In this letter, they had accused Inspector Subodh Singh of creating hurdles in Hindu religious events and people are angry.

(this letter is available on social media)
Bhola Singh had sent the same letter to the SSP.

9 सितंबर 2018 को ये चिट्ठी बीजेपी सांसद डॉ भोला सिंह ने एसएसपी बुलंदशहर को भेजी थी। इसमें लिखा था कि हालात ख़राब होने की ओर हैं, कुछ कीजिये जनाब। इसमें साफ लिखा है कि इंस्पेक्टर स्याना हिंदू आयोजनों में अड़चन पैदा करते हैं।
The background of the main accused Yogesh Raj Pravin of the Subodh Singh Murder case can be seen in the collection of his social media posts.

#बुलंदशहर सुबोध कुमार हत्याकांड मे जिस बजरंगदल के कार्यकर्ता (योगेश राज प्रवीण) का नाम FIR मे पहले नमबर पर आ रहा है, उसके द्वारा किये गये टवीट को पढ़िये और सोचिए कि बीते चार सालो मे नेताओ/पत्रकार द्वारा जो भीड़ मुस्लिम/दलित के लिए तैयार की गई, उनके दिलो-दिमाग मे जहर भरने के लिए नेताओ/पत्रकार ने कितनी महनत की है..?
(Khalid Umar’s Facebook wall:  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004806458418)
BJP Yuva Morcha Adhyaksh (president) of Sayana, Bulandshahr invited Hindutva volunteers to gather at 6:30 am at RSS shakha (at Indira Gandhi College) in Sayana on Sunday, a day before the violence erupted.

A very large Muslim event was ending on December 3 when the violence erupted. It was a peaceful gathering which can be seen on various social media posts posted by local people.

Hindus were making food for Muslims
The Hindutva groups had tried to stop the Ijtema by Muslims near Bulandshahr. Hateful messages against the Ijtema can be seen on social media.
Media reports raise several questions and conspiracy:
A video is posted on social media that gives clue to the pre-planned violence and cow slaughter conspiracy: https://www.facebook.com/imtiyazmewat/videos/1992264550849633/
Muslim children detained by police for cow slaughter: https://hindi.sabrangindia.in/article/bajrang-dal-leader-yogesh-raj-fir-on-two-kids



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