Bulldozer Injustice: Homes of alleged June 10 protesters to be demolished in UP?

Referencing an old map of Atala region, authorities claim 40 huts must be removed


The Prayagraj Development Authority (PDA) identified as many as 40 houses in Atala region that were built on alleged encroached land, reported Jagran. These include the houses of those accused of violence during the June 10, 2022 protests.

The Friday protests took the country by storm after jumma namaz, where the Muslim community showcased a united front in their demand for the arrest of suspended BJP Spokesperson Nupur Sharma. They condemned Sharma’s derogatory remarks about Prophet Mohammad and Islam during a Times Now debate on May 26. In some cities, they also condemned the remarks made by recently-expelled BJP leader Naveen Kumar Jindal.

Although a few reports have been filed against Sharma and even TV news anchor Navika Kumar, outrage regarding the incident within the vilified minority community has reached a crescendo. Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Karnataka and many other states reported mass protests, some turning violent.

In the Atala region of UP’s Allahabad, police said the protesters allegedly pelted stones and raised slogans. Times of India claimed that 12 police officers were injured during the incident before they finally tear-gassed demonstrators. After the protesters vacated the area, shops in several areas including nearby Asgari and Shaukat Ali crossings were shut down with heavy police deployment.

Already over-400 arrests have been made across India over the weekend. Particularly in Uttar Pradesh’s Prayagraj (Allahabad), 92 people were arrested for charges ranging from rioting and hurting religious sentiments to sections under the Explosive Substances Act. Overall, at least 325 arrests were made in Uttar Pradesh, 100 arrests in West Bengal, and 25 FIRs were filed against thousands in Jharkhand.

However, state action did not end with FIRs and arrests. Soon after the protests, Muslim activist Javed Mohammad’s wife Parveen Fatima’s home was demolished by PDA, in a move that is seen as nothing but retribution given how allegations of the property being illegal have fallen flat in light of taxes paid by the family. Several activists have now moved court demanding justice for Parveen. Then, on June 11, Hindustan Times reported how Kanpur and Saharanpur authorities also demolished homes of those accused in the Friday protests. Now the PDA has started a systematic investigation in Muslim areas to list allegedly ‘illegal houses’.

According to Jagran, on Monday, officials came up with a list of houses that were allegedly built on encroached land. Most of these buildings are owned by the same people who were accused of violence in Atala on Friday. On Saturday, tehsil and PDA officials investigated the houses in the area and sent a list to the district magistrate to start the demolition process. According to the news report, the officials had an old map of Atala. They observed the hut houses in the area and considered the following to assess the house: ownership of a house map with dwellers, disparity between the presented map and the actual structure of the house, height of the structure, number of storeys of the structure, encroachment by the exterior portion of the house. Further, authorities will also investigate those who have pending home tax arrears. Almost all the named miscreants have been considered for the same. This is how 550 defaulters were identified.

Aside from the PDA, the electricity and water department also declared a list of houses which will lose their electricity and water connections. Department authorities said they are also checking the houses of those accused in the violence.

According to the Indian Express, families are nowadays nervously gathering relevant documents and bills to prevent the bulldozing. These houses are in the vicinity of Parveen Fatima’s now demolished house.

Such demolitions have become a regular form of state-sponsored hate, especially since the illegal demolitions in Khargone Madhya Pradesh in April 2022. A house built under the PM Awas Yojana was also destroyed at the time, and a man who had lost both his arms in an industrial accident years ago was accused of being a stone pelter! Over time, more demolitions were carried out in Delhi, Assam and Bengaluru. In all these areas, the families targeted were Muslim.

Sabrang India had reported previously on how two Chief Ministers and one Home Minister of BJP-ruled states have been at the forefront of this Bulldozer Injustice – Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath of Uttar Pradesh, Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma of Assam and Home Minister Narottam Mishra of Madhya Pradesh. Adityanath has been hailed as ‘Bulldozer Baba’ for authorising demolition of homes and properties of people accused of various crimes or being members of the mafia.


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